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Good day, We have a Whirlpool electric range WEE34300. The

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Good day,

We have a Whirlpool electric range WEE34300. The problem is that the oven will not heat up to the desired temperature. This happens with both "Bake" and "Broil". The oven initially comes on as requested but after about 20 seconds you can hear it shut off. The elements work fine.

I checked the oven sensor. The resistance at room temperature is 1070 ohms. At approximately 212 degrees F (kettle boiling water) the resistance is 1350 ohms. I have no idea if the hotter reading is correct since I don't have the temperature curve for the thermocouple.

I turned on the oven with the door open. It came on initially and then turned off as described above. With the door open, the oven was able to cool off fairly quickly and then the oven turned on again for about 15 seconds at which point it decided it was warm enough and turned off.

So, I'm thinking that the control board is ok since all of the functions seem to work correctly. There are no error codes. I did plug in the range with the oven sensor unplugged and got the code E0 F3 but with everything connected there are no codes.

Based on the above, do we conclude that the oven sensor has gone flaky?

If so, is the correct part number(NNN) NNN-NNNN


Hello..It is my Pleasure To Be Working With You Today...David Sorry you are having this problem..When testing the sensor Make sure you are testing it through the wire harness leading from the sensor at the control board..Allot of times if the harness is shorting out the board will obviously not receive the correct reading from the sensor..If ok..First replace the sensor..Yes many times they can read ok yet not work properly under conditions..If you still have the same problem..Then more you will be looking at a faulty computer unfortunately..CLICK HERE FOR SENSOR
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I changed both the oven sensor and the control board and the problem is still there.


As I stated in my initial question: The problem is that the oven will not heat up to the desired temperature. This happens with both "Bake" and "Broil". The oven initially comes on as requested and the pre-heat counter starts but after about 20 seconds you can hear the oven shut off. The pre-heat counter continues to count down. The oven continues to cycle in an attempt to reach the desired temperature but the element does not stay on long enough. The elements work fine.


Any further ideas?



You did test the sensor at the computer correct..? You replaced the control board..Which leaves the control panel(Keypad)..Just to confirm..This unit has the Keypad/Panel at the front just below the cook top correct..?..If so the keypad should plug into the computer .
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi again,


Yes, I checked the sensor at the connector that plugs into the control board and the resistance is correct.


There is no keypad/panel at the front just below the cooktop. The button panel and the computer board are a combined unit mounted on the back panel of the stove between the cooktop element controls. The unit is a Robertshaw K0611CA manufactured in 1997.


As I tried to explain in my original email, the control board appears to function correctly. The clock works, the timer works, "Bake" comes on as expected and the element starts to heat up, the bake temperature can be adjusted as required with the up/down buttons, "Broil" comes on as expected and the element heats up.


The problem is that something is causing the control board to think that the desired temperature has been reached when, in fact, it has not. The oven starts to heat up normally and the pre-heat timer counts down normally, all exactly the same as before the problem arose. Then, and this is the new situation, the oven element relay clicks off after 25 seconds but the pre-heat timer continues to count down as if all is well. After about another minute the oven element relay clicks on again for 25 seconds and then clicks off again. The cycle continues over and over: 25 seconds on, one minute off. The oven temperature never gets much above 200 degrees F (I used a digital meat thermometer with the probe sitting on the oven rack inside the oven to track the temperature).


I don't know what else to tell you about the problem. It arose without any apparent cause. We cooked a turkey for Christmas without any problems although, and maybe in hindsight this is important, it was done a lot sooner than expected. The following week, we tried to bake some falafel balls and couldn't.


Anyway, I hope something in the preceeding information is helpful to figuring this out.


If you can't answer this one then please say so and I won't pursue it any further.


Thanks for your time and effort.



Dave...You have changed the Oven sensor and the Oven Control..This should have solved your problem..The only other possibility would be a fault in the wiring or sensor connector...Chances of both the bake and Broil element causing the problem are slim to non..
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi yet again,


I really appreciate that you keep checking on my progress.


I solved the problem this afternoon. I was shifting the stove around while it was plugged in and the display flashed a couple of times. Long story short, I found that there was a problem with the big 4-prong outlet that the stove was plugged into. I turned off the breaker, removed the plate/socket and found one of the hot connections was overheated and deteriorated. Not good. So, quick trip to the home center, $4.62 for a new outlet, 5 minutes to install the new outlet and all is well. So, there was never anything wrong with the stove but the bad connection on the socket prevented the elements from heating up properly. However, the bad outlet could have caused a fire so it's good to have that fixed.


Now, if I can just sell the spare parts that I don't need ...


Thanks again for your help.