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Ice maker not working. Water is being supplied to fridge.

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Ice maker not working. Water is being supplied to fridge.
Hello. Thank you for choosing Just Answer. I will be helping you with your question today. Make sure the fill tube that runs through the back wall off the freezer to the ice maker isn't frozen.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Please provide help with just how to check if fill tube is frozen. We have seen where it is in the back of the freezer compartment where it enters the ice maker.

You will need to remove the ice bi and then the shelf above it. Then you can see the tube. Squeeze it. Of it is hard its frozen. Sometimes it is easier to remove the ice make and look up the fill hose. The ice maker is just held on with 3 screws.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This will take some time. Unfortunately, we can't do it immediately. Probably in about 15 minutes. Okay? Thanks

Yeah thats okay. Take your time. Reply to me when your ready.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry about the delay!


Still working on trying to get the ice out of the water supply tube. Have removed everything in the freezer compartment, dropped the ice maker, removed the panel in the back of the freezer compartment, used an air dryer to melt ice in the water supply tube. Right now, we are letting the thing warm up as much as possible before reassembly and starting the freezer up.

Two items that we discovered in the process: 1) There is a two wire (red and black, looks like low power wiring) plug behind the kick panel at floor level that isn't plugged in. We suspect it powers the small fan underneath the fridge. However, can't find a place to plug it in. Do you have any suggestions? 2) The control panel at the top of the fridge doesn't do anything. The temperature indicator keeps blinking a series of bars in sequence. Any reason why control panel isn't responding?


Would either of the two new items cause problems with the ice maker?




Sorry about that I had to run out for a bit. This fridge was designed to have a fan run under the unit but it code meet the energy code so they removed it. That is why you see a connection under the unit that isn't plugged in. It is pretty common for the touch pad to fail on this unit but that wouldn't cause it to stop making ice. I use a squirt bottle full of hot water and squirt it don the fill hose until all the ice is melted in it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry to disappear, but the problem that you helped us with was on my son's fridge in Chicago that we were trying to fix while I was visiting him. We spent today getting back home to St Louis. The ice started flowing late yesterday and this morning before we left, the ice tray was filling up nicely. Very happy with your help and the patience to put up with our on again, off again efforts.

Obviously this is not suppose to happen. Is there any way to ensure that the fill tube doesn't freeze up in the future? There is a valve in the water line which I am guessing should be shut off if they are away for a while, like a week or two. Any other suggestions?



If it continues to happen I would replace the water valve. Most the time its just a fluke deal where it just freezes up. Once you thaw it works.
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