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Hello. I have a Maytag front load dryer. Mod# XXXXX

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Hello. I have a Maytag front load dryer. Mod# XXXXX Menu is stuck on 'Delicate' or extra 'delicate' and cannot be changed. It will not let me select normal mode or manual dry time. I've unpluged the dryer for 1hr with no change. i'm not receiving any codes.

thank you,

Hello, thanks for letting us answer your questions. We appreciate your business!
Try entering the service diagnostic mode and see if the dryer will respond. Tell me what you come up with.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Entering 'service diagnostic mode' is not an option in my manual. how may i enter into this mode?

Enter Service Mode:
Dryer must be on before Service Mode can be
entered. Press Chime and TemperatureKeys for 3
seconds, or until 3 beeps are heard. The machine will
now be in Service Mode
See if it works
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi. I don't have an "chime" key persay. I have a cycle end signal which controls beep loudness. I pushed this key and the temp key for 3-5 seconds with no results. my control panel:

control on | cycle dial | manual dry time | dryness lvl | temp | extra care |

cycle end signal or control lock button | hold to start | off |



That is the key combination in the manual. Are you mechanically skilled enough to take your dryer apart and fix it? If so, maybe the best thing to do is upload the service manual to you. It will guide you thru whatever is needed to fix your machine. Online diagnosing of electrical problem is tedious at best. If this will "answer" you question for you. I can set up a link for the manual to you for accepting my help.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If the dryer produced a code that specifically stated that the control panel circuit board was bad then I would order that part and give it a try. Unfortunately I am unable to isolate what is wrong and there is no code to help.

Does the service manual have a step by step process of elimination? Is there possibly a reset that got tripped inside the dryer that i can reset?



There is no reset. The manual is the same one I use when I am working on this model of dryer. It has all the diagnostic information that you should need to figure out what the problem is. Here is a snippet of a page
click here
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It appears the manual is universal as the 'Wrinkle management' key is not present on my machine.


If you would provide the link then to the manual I will consider this answered.


thanks for your time on this holiday.



These manuals are hard to come by. I hope it helps you out.
click here
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