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John, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  Appliance repair business owner for over 43 years.
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We have a Maytag dishwasher MDB7601AWB and are putting in a

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We have a Maytag dishwasher MDB7601AWB and are putting in a new impeller. We need to remove the gasket to get to the impeller. We have turned the power off. What do we do to get the gasket and cover off?

appliance doctor :

Hi I,m John I will help you with replacing the impeller .I will look at the model number breakdown and get back to you in a few minutes with the help .

Customer: Ok.
appliance doctor :

have you removed the spray arm and the top housing ?

Customer: Yes, we are down to the chopper.
appliance doctor :

Heres the wash impeller and a video on how to replace the impeller,If you require more help let me know please .

Customer: It is full of plastic and gunk so we are cleaning that out
appliance doctor :

Make sure you clean out number 7 in the breakdown thats whre you will find more.

Customer: I looked at the video but our dishwashers impeller is not the same as the one on that video.
appliance doctor :

Why dont you wait till we fix the problem before you give a bad service .

appliance doctor :

is this not your model ?

Customer: Ok, sorry. It was just stuck there and I couldn't,t get more info so I was pushing buttons to get something to happen. It was the only one that worked?? IT issue Imguess.
Customer: Yes my model is MDB7609AWB1.
appliance doctor :

If its just clogged up you dont require an impeller, just clean out the gunk especially in the number 7 in the breakdown .

Customer: MDB7609AWB1
Customer: Sorry what is number 7?
appliance doctor :

Its called the accumulator filter and it gets gunk in the filter , you can remove it and wash it out under the kitchen tap .

Customer: Ok. We are trying that.
appliance doctor :

It should fix the problem for you.

Customer: Ok. We are going to put it back together and see if that works. I will stay logged in. Again sorry about he poor service thing. I will rate properly when we are done.
appliance doctor :

A rating of three or more will credit me for helping with the d/w problem .

appliance doctor :

You should pour a cup full of CLR and let it go through a cycle this will really clean it out .

Customer: Will do.
appliance doctor :

great , let me know how you make out .

appliance doctor :

have you had a chance to go through a cycle to see if it works better now that you cleaned it out ?

Customer: It worked!
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