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Kenmore Model 665.13123k701, will not drain. Drain hose

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Kenmore Model 665.13123k701, will not drain.

Drain hose is clear. When I pull the drain hose underneath, water runs out.
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

Alright, so you need to uninstall your dishwasher and drain all the water out that you can manually. Remove the drain hose and blow through it to see if it's clear. If it's not, then you want to replace that drain hose that comes directly off the drain pump because there is a back flow preventer inside this hose that failed all the time stopping the dishwasher from draining very well or at all. You can try to stick a flat head screwdriver through that 90 degree angle to get the backflow preventer un-stuck if you wanted to try that as well. Sometimes that will get the flap working again.

If the drain hose checks good, then remove the drain pump and look for and debris that may be blocking the drain pump impeller. Put everything back together and re-install the dishwasher to try again. If the dishwasher still doesn't drain, then you'll want to check 120 volts with a multimeter to the drain pump when it should be draining. If you're not getting 120 volts to the drain pump then you need a new control board inside the door. Assuming you are getting 120 volts, your drain pump would just need to be ordered and replaced.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you...When you say unistall the dishwasher...are you saying take it out our the cabinet and laying it on its side to get at the bottom?

Aye. that would be the best way to work on it.

Tyler Z. and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK...this checkvalve...I assume it is located upstream from the drain pump as when I pull the drain hose, and look inside, I am looking at an impellor.

The check valve is built into the drain hose that attaches to the drain pump. It's just past the 90 degree elbow.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Interesting...I will check that out.


Thank you.

ok good luck.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just checked the drain hose and there is no checkvalve inside of the elbow. It is totally open and clear going up to the garbage disposal.


I believe the problem is upstream of the drain pump...a clog or a valve not opening properly.

There isn't a valve on the drain side. Blow through the drain hose and make sure it's clear. If not, then replace the drain hose that attaches to the drain pump.

If it's clear with no resistance when you blow through it, then test for voltage to the drain pump as I advised before and replace either the control board or the drain pump based on whether or not you have voltage when the dishwasher should be draining.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I will do that...however my logic says that is not the solution to the problem...


...when I run the cancel/drain cycle, I am hearing the drain pump motor running. When I feel the impellor it turns freely and is attached to the shaft. That being said...the water does not evacuate from the machine, leading me to believe there is a restriction upstream. So my logic says that I am most likely going to find that I am getting 120v to the pump...and replacing it is not going to solve the issue.


Does that make sense?

Your logic it's full proof. Just because the drain pump runs doesn't mean it's producing enough pressure to drain the water out properly. So if you're 100% positive that there is not a clog in the drain lines, then replace the drain pump and that will solve your problem, but I generally find partial clogs with the drain hose that connects to the drain pump and then runs up the side of the tub to create a high rise drain loop.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok...I will trust that.

alright, good luck.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

On New Year's day when I was working on this, and trying to disconnect everything to pull the unit out of the counter/cabinet, many of the old shutoff valves would not close all the way due to age. I spent most of that day making trips to Home Depot and replacing those valves. I still have a connection going up to the hot water faucet that needs replacing due to a persistant tiney drip.


However, in the meantime, I did find an installation manual for our model which I downloaded and there is a diagram of the rear of our model that jogged my memory. It shows the drain hose going to the rear of the unit with a drain loop hung/mounted on the outside of the rear panel and then what looks like either a pump or solenoid mounted on the outside rear of the unit. I will have to look at that and see what it is and if it is working during the drain cycle.


Do you know what that is?

a pump or solenoid mounted on the outer rear of the unit?... sorry that doesn't exist on this model.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I know the drain loop is there and recall that when we installed the unit. And knowing that loop is present, increases the probability of a clogged drain line.


The diagram shows the added pump/solenoid. I don't recall if that was there or not. I will confirm your thoughts on that when I get the unit out and then let you know what I find.



Aye, I didn't say the drain loop wasn't there I said the pump/solenoid doesn't exist. The only drain pump is below the tub. The drain loop runs up the side of the dishwasher and it's part of the drain hose that connects to the drain pump itself.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Totally agree with that. I do know the drain loop exists and most likely where the clog is located.

yes, if there is a clog you're right. And the high rise drain loop is part of the same hose the has the check valve built into it. You can try to clean it out but I'd recommend just replacing the hose.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Will stop at Sears and get the drain hose when I go to Home Depot for the sink hose. That will save another trip. :-(



ah. Be sure to get the drain hose that connects to the drain pump itself, the one with the high rise drain loop. There are 2 drain hoses and the one that connects under your sink rarely if ever gets clogged.

You need part W10137608.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Great advice!



no problem and good luck.