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fisher/paykal DW Drawers. I held the Start button down for

Customer Question

fisher/paykal DW Drawers. I held the Start button down for 5 seconds. Now the display will either read 5 minutes and not run or will just run randomly through numbers. ??
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  stephenmichaelz replied 4 years ago.

stephenmichaelz : Hi Im Steve,Thank you for choosing have either entered the time delay mode or the diagnostics,did you have a problem with it already?
stephenmichaelz : i can try looking it up if you can get me a complete model #
JACUSTOMER-72o599bg- : getting the model number.
stephenmichaelz : thank you,i think its on the side of the cabinet
JACUSTOMER-72o599bg- : im sorry, i cant locate the model numer. It was bought in 2004. I think it was the only number. cant see the number
JACUSTOMER-72o599bg- : only model
stephenmichaelz : when it runs random #s is it possible to note what its displaying?
stephenmichaelz : thats probably a fault code
JACUSTOMER-72o599bg- : no too quick. when I hit the start button again it displays 5 minutes.
stephenmichaelz : are you good at reading directions i can get you to the diagnostic sheet
JACUSTOMER-72o599bg- : ok. that will work
JACUSTOMER-72o599bg- : Are you emailing the diagnostic sheet
stephenmichaelz : pull the bottom draw out and on the side near the bottom you will find a round pin with a slot across it grab the flat part with pliers or needle nose pliers and pull as you turn counterclockwise they will pull out and then you can pull the draw out its on the sidewall in a plastic bag
stephenmichaelz : the draw should bee able to move to the side enough to get in there,while your in there make sure there is no water in the bottom under there. there is a board back there
stephenmichaelz : how are you doing ? did you find them?
JACUSTOMER-72o599bg- : i could not find them. please send me the diagnostic sheet to my email. [email protected] happy new years.
stephenmichaelz : i cant since there isnt a model # how many buttons on the console and what do they say
stephenmichaelz : i think its 3 right?
stephenmichaelz : first of all i would shut the circuit breaker off for 15 minutes,there are 2 buttons to hold on the console that will run it thru the diagnostics.if you tell me what buttons you have (not the features) how many you have i can probably tell you which ones,you still would need the diagnostic sheet to tell what codes mean and i told you where to find that good luck let me know if you need further help and Happy New Year!