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I have a Kenmore electric range convection oven Model 790.97432800.

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I have a Kenmore electric range convection oven Model 790.97432800. This morning when baking there was a flash from behind the oven around the circuit board and the smell of an electrical fire. I removed the stove from the wall and found a burned up resistor on the circuit board. We have tested most everything on the oven and it all seems to be working properly including the heating elements. I would like to know what the purpose of this resistor is, what may have caused it to burn up and if the oven is safe to continue to use?
Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am here to assist you. Unfortunately, no manufacturer puts out the breakdown of the circuit board down to the component level. It's due to the fact that they would rather you have to buy the whole board rather than the resistor. Now for the second part (wanting to know if it is safe to work). You said most of the functions work so may I ask what is not working so we can determine if it is safe.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Up to this point we have not found anything that is not working. The resistor burned up when my wife was using the bake function just when she pressed the stop button. I checked out the circuit board, found the burned up resistor and had her repeat what she did when the issue occurred. Everything worked. My mother-in-law has had this happen with two ovens in the past when a heating element burned up. Both the top and bottom heating elements appear to be working properly.


I think I can replace the circuit board myself but don't want it to happen again when I don't know what caused the resistor to burn up the first time (replacement board is $150-175)

Okay, unfortunately the burning up of the resistor (and I hate to say this) happens. What happens is that the component just gets weak from usage and starts to break down. When this happens the resistor will overheat (like yours) and eventually burn up. I hope that explained well enough and it is not a common thing to happen and should not happen with the next control board but if you order the control board make sure it does come with a warranty. Not all places give warranties but I know an online site called that warranties ALL parts for 1 year. I am here for further assistance and thank you for your time and patience, Randy.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Okay thank you for the information. One last question about the safety of continuing to use the oven as is until the circuit board is replaced. I know you can't guarantee but in your opinion is there any fire hazard related to continuing to use the oven with the burned up resistor? I am no electrical expert by any means but I would think the fire hazard occurred when the resistor burned up and should no longer be of concern. We may find through more use of the oven that something doesn't function properly but until then do you see a risk?

If you tested it and it appears to be fine then go ahead and use the oven. That resistor could control any number if things so just make sure you monitor the oven when in use. It could be for the temperature sensor so we don't want to burn anything in the oven.
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