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daewoo freezer ice maker / tray doesnt dispel ice cubes, then

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daewoo freezer ice maker / tray doesnt dispel ice cubes, then water tries to fill it up again causing water to run out everywhere

Can we have the complete model number please?

What kind of ice maker do you have? The type where fringers would turn 360 degrees and would scoop the ice out of the tray or the type where the tray is being twisted to dump the ice to the ice bin?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Francis,


model for Daewoo Fridge is FRN- U20DD , the ice maker is one where it twists for the ice to fall out of tray.. ice not coming out.. then water tries to refill which then falls through into ice collector and sets hard, and ice tray gets another layer of ice on top which then makes it impossible to twist and fall out


Thank you for the model number.

Usual problem with these kinds of ice maker would be the ice geting too big.

Water presure that could have risen would make the ice bigger. There should be an ice size adjusting screw at the right side of the ice maker that you can adjust to make the ice smaller anf hopefully, it would crack and break when twisted and fall out.

Another problem could be a normal wear and tear of the twisting tray. When new, this tray would have a special coating on top so that ice won't stick to the tray itself and it would be easier for the ice to fall out when the tray is twisted. The coating could have been gone and now the ice really sticks to the tray material and it is very hard to fall out . With this kind of problem, the only solution would be to replace the tray if it is available. In some cases, we just replace the whole ice maker because it is hard to find the tray alone.

Then lastly, would be the wear and tear of the mechanical gears that twist the tray. If it is worn out, it could no longer twist it so much to break the ice, hence the ice would not fall. Again, I am afraid, the solution is to just eplace the whole ice maker.

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