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I need to replace the ignitor on my Frigidaire gas stove top

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I need to replace the ignitor on my Frigidaire gas stove top but I don't see how to get the burners detached from the cook top so I can lift it up.
ALL the burners must be unscrewed otherwise you cannot lift the top without damaging the gas lines. Only the screws on the outsides of the heads get removed here-nothing else. IF screws are stuck or corroded then that is something that you need to deal with as there are no magic cures to get around such a problem.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

There are no screws on the outside of the burners. There are some metal pegs that are fixed so I would have to break them off to get out the burners but then my stove would not work. I might be able to send you a photo if that would help. Thanks.

The things you see ARE what is left of the screws- they have corroded away. I am Frigidaire authorized so I am quite familiar with a gas range and how it is built. If you look at a parts look-up you will see the screws shown.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

any thoughts on how I can remove them and still put the burners back in place afterwards? Maybe I need to buy new screws? Also, I assume that I need to do all four, not just the front left burner that needs a new ignitor. Correct?

The need to be ground off with a grinding wheel. This is a problem because the burners will have screw studs stuck in them and you may not be able to get them out. This means 4 new burner heads will be needed. You ma want to let this go and use a lighter on that burner to avoid all the expense.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

That is what we have been doing and I think you are right that it is not worth the expense for one burner. Maybe when the rest start to fail we will tackle the larger project. Since it is the front burner and I have small hands, do you think there is a chance I could get the broken ignitor out and the new one in without lifting the top beyond the few inches that it rises now?

(again, thanks for your expertise and time)

You gave to be very careful about lifting the top as the aluminum gas links can kink easily. It will take a careful touch to do this without removing the heads. Just have a flashlight and look closely as you lift as only you can gauge what is happening when doing this.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

it appears that the single screw holding in the ignitor is also corroded beyond use and so I am giving up (not without a fight!) It kind of makes me mad that Frigidaire does not make it easier to lower the burners but perhaps on newer models they have addressed this issue.

I appreciate you time, effort and consideration. I will rate you well.

Thanks- god forbid they use stainless screws here, that would cost a whole 30 cents more. Good luck.
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