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I have a Panasonic microwave oven- model# XXXXX that died

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I have a Panasonic microwave oven- model# XXXXX that died after two years. No lites display or heat. The only thing that would revive it was a right hook to the cabinet, which became increasinngly useless. Removered the cover and pressed the transformer on the main circuit board and it came back to life briefly. I read 110 volts on the primary side of the circuit board but infinite ohms accross the primary. The primary side is obviously open or intterment. Need to locate a new board or better yet just the transformer I can wire into the board. I can rig it. How many VAC does the secondary put out. Thanx- Mike

Francis :

Hello Mike, welcome to justanswer. It is sounding like a cold solder or a loose solder problem. Specially the transformer side. If I am not mistaken, this is a step down transformer for the digital side of the controller so it should be 12 volts secondary. If you can not read 12 volts, it might mean an open primary but not an open secondary since the wires of the secondary are far too big with respect to the primary.

Francis :

What I can suggest is for you to get a soldering iron, then weld again all the joints that you can see on the transformer terminals. Fill it up as much as you can with new solder and you might get it to work.

Francis :

If you are looking for a new board, You can order it here, look for the inverter. That is the only pc board that I found. Please click the blue word.


Thank you for your advice. I had already done all of things you suggested. I had gotten prices for the new board, but wanted to see what the secondary voltage was. There are two test points on the board- one says 18Vand the other is 5V. Guess I'll find a 12v transformer and cross my fingers. The microwave is not worth another 85$ Thanks for your generous advice. I would gladly recommend you to any one else with their appliance problems. T/U- Mike

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