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I have a Sub Zero 700TC, with a wine fridge beside and 427R

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I have a Sub Zero 700TC, with a wine fridge beside and 427R drawers under that. 5-6 years old. Cools and freezes well but sounds like an idling diesel truck. One tech said it was normal operation for the placement of the compressor on that model. Does about 60-70 decibels seem normal to you? If replacement is recommended, is it under warranty? Or how much should I expect to pay for the recommended repair, if any?

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good afternoon, the normal warranty time for the sealed system on these is 5 years so if its over that then the warranty doesn't cover far as a cost to repair the compressor is around $300.00-$400.00 and your probably looking at about $200-$300 for labor to vacuum the system down and replace compressor then recharge it with freon. unfortunately it sounds like the compressor is the issue. I would call Sub-Zero and make sure the warranty is up before going ahead with the repair out of pocket. I hope this helps. thanks and well wishes, Bryan

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I don't have an exact install date since we didn't own the house then. Where would I locate the serial number, and would that be sufficient for Sub Zero to check the warranty status?

yes they should be able to look up the sale date and warranty info, the serial number is XXXXX the tag with the model number. If you cant find it just ask them and they will tell you exactly where to look. some of these have a ten year warranty I just did some more research on it, I would definitely get a hold of them as soon as possible.

Warranty Period
  • Full 2 year warrant (parts & labor)
  • Full 5 year sealed system warranty
  • Limited 6 through 12 year warranty
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