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maytag bravo series 400. sorry ,i dont have mod or ser yet.

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maytag bravo series 400. sorry ,i dont have mod or ser yet. cust compl. is that machine fills and then goes to drain,skipping entire wash cycle. help. also getting ol codes and machine is not overfilled

Appliance Parts :

Depending on the exact model. The Bravo series are still in stores new with different board configurations.
If it fills then goes to drain, it may just have a siphon effect. I would start there to see if the drain has been properly the right height of the end of the drain hose to the top of the washer top. If not it may siphon out.
Another area i would look at is if the pressure hose is kinked and the unit is over filling, or your could have a control that is shorted. Hard to say without running the diagnosis mode on it. I see you are offline, so i will switch it to message board so i can get back to you asap. Thank you

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Im headed to this call now. I dont think that the drain line or ppressure hose is kinked because the cust. Said it was running just ffine until day before yesterday.will u be available for q and a/0?

Yes i will be here for the next hour
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thi machine fills almost to the top and then goes directly to spin and drain. It looks to be overfilling. I also cant get it into doignostics. Therre are no kinks in the hose. The pressure sensor is in the boar so if it overfills then goes to drain,do we have a bad contrrol

Yes i would change the control since the board has the pressure switch inside.
If you have the model number i can look it up, thanks