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I have just connected the water supply to my westinghouse WSE6970SA

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I have just connected the water supply to my westinghouse WSE6970SA fridge
The water supply is flowing freely to the water dipensor but the ice section has produced one tray of ice and dispensed.
Another tray of ice has formed but will not dispense.
Any suggestions.

What initiate the harvest cycle for an ice maker is the coldnest of the place.

So try to set the freezer unit first to its coldest setting and observe if the ice maker would initiate the harvest of the ice formed on the ice maker.

Also, the ice maker thermostat would start to initiate harvest mode if the ice maker reached -18 C. If you have a thermometer, please verify the actual temperature where the ice maker is and observe if the temperature there is reaching -18 C.

If it is reaching -18 C and still the ice maker would not initiate a harvest cycle, then I can say you have a bad ice maker assembly. It could only be the thermostat of the ice maker, or the motor, or the controller, but to check them one by one would be harder than to replace the whole ice maker assembly.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The freezer was set on -20 overnight and did make some ice, although I would have expected it to fill the bin. Is this unrealistic or does it take longer than expected.



Usually, the normal rate of an ice maker is about once every hour but initial time could reach about 6 hours for the first few batches. It would also depend on the ambient temperature of the room where the fride/freezer is and the temperature of water coming in to the unit.

Mine usually would fill the whole bin in two to three days with normal ice dispensing.

I suggest you check and clean the condenser coil of the fridge/freezer as well. If this is dirty, it has some effect on how the freezer would cool and would have an effect on the ice making production.

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