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My Kenmore fridge is not working properly (main part of fridge

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My Kenmore fridge is not working properly (main part of fridge stays too warm, even when dial is turned low. Freezer seems to be working OK). The model is Sears 970-605-624 Serial BA 61001756 Model AD-15
The height of this fridge is 59.5 inches - any taller will not fit under cupboards.

What is likely to be the problem? Roughly how much is it likely to cost to repair it? Parts? Labour?

Are same size fridges still available to purchase new?

Any other advice to offer? MANY MANY thanks.
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

Unfortunately, there isn't anything under 61 inches that is sold by any brand anymore, so replacing your unit may not be an option.

That being said, if you open the freezer and look at the lower back panel, do you see any frost building up on the back panel? And do you hear a fan running inside the freezer?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Actually, I just found two fridges on line Kenmore and Frigidaire (at SEars) that are 59.38 high except for for hinge (which isn't a problem since the cupboard is only 12 inches deep or less.. (60.12 inches with hinge) so your first answer appears not to be correct.


Some frost is building up. There was a problem with noise in the it was jiggled a bit to make less noise.

so yes, you can find some that are shorter than 61 inches if you don't include the hinge, but you were saying it couldn't be anything over 59.5" and any taller wouldn't work. So if you're sure that the hinges won't matter and you can pull the refrigerator out of the cabinet a bit, then there are a few options that will work.

Either way, you say there is frost build up---can you remove the back panel inside the freezer and tell me what the silver coils look like? Are they packed with frost?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This will take some time. The fridge is in my friends home, not actually mine.


If the silver coils ARE packed with frost, what is the next step?


Many thanks, S



















Thaw out all the frost with a hair dryer and that will get the air circulating properly again. Make sure the fan above is running and if not, that may also need to be replaced since you said it was getting noise.

Now. To prevent the frost from coming back, that would mean you'd need to replace a part. There is a defrost heater below the coils and a 1" round defrost thermostat with 2 wires going to it connected to the top of the silver coils. Check continuity through each of these devices and if one is open, then it needs to be replaced.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This suggests that it is likely NOT that the compressor needs to be replaced ...but something less difficult / expensive. Is it correct to deduce that If the compressor was broken/"gone" the freezer wouldn't be working?


Do you have a name / part number /description for the device you mentioned that may need to be replaced?


If neither is open....what else should be checked as potential problem?


That is correct. If your compressor was a problem, you'd see issues in the freezer long before you saw a problem in the refrigerator.

As for the part numbers, you'll need to call Sears Parts and Service for them, but the parts are the Defrost Thermostat, and the Defrost Heater. If both of them have continuity, then the defrost timer up inside the control panel of your refrigerator would need to be replaced because it's just not telling the refrigerator to go into defrost like it should.
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