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Our dishwasher Superba appears to either have or be leaving

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Our dishwasher Superba appears to either have or be leaving a white powdery film on utensils. This has progressively worsens though the dishes do appear washed. We have check our water softeners....and I have not changed cleaning products (Cascade Complete). The only thing I noticed prior to this was that the engine appeared louder than normal for awhile, we actually thought it might need repair and then went back to normal. Is this a cleaning issue for the machine itself? Or is this related to the washer performance?


If this is due to upkeep and cleaning of washer would you please also advise how I may remove kickplate etc. to clean UNDER the machine....and also check for leaks. Thanks, e

Hello, this could be caused by a couple things. In the last year soap manufactures have had to remove phosphates in soap. This has caused a lot of issues.

If the machine is running fine now an not making the noise then this is likely a soap issue. It could be also that there is excessive build up inside the unit in which case you can use a product called afresh that will break all the excess build up down and flush the unit basically starting new.

Start by running either the afresh or dishwasher magic through the unit to clean and start new. Next since you have a water softener try putting a little less soap in. Since the phosphate ban we have been recommending Finish Quantum (tablets) they seem to work the best. Try those or try cutting back on the soap you are using. 2 table spoons will be plenty with a softener.

If after cleaning the inside with said products and using the Finish Quantum (tablets) the unit still is leaving residue it's quite possibly the motor is going out and not washing correctly.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I wish you had asked for clarification before responding.


I use Cascade Complete pods, pre-filled and self contained. I have already tried switching to the Finnish product and the problem became much worse///I ultimately switched back.


I have tried to clean washer both with Afresh and with simple white vinegar. While the machine looks clean the problem continues. It also appears to be getting worse.


Lastly, in the event that the "motor is going out" is there a way to determine that prior to calling the repairman? I could then avoid two visits/labor charges and just purchase a new one with installation costs. And, just in case, I asked if you could direct me in how to clean under the unit prior to it's removal....??


You did not address that part at all.


Granted, I should have specified that I used the "pods" but read your answer again. I am disappointed in a $50 answer that is a referral to a $2 product explain as if your customer were an 8 year old. And, the part that may be time consuming for you to answer, is just ignored.


My family has used this service before with much more informative results. Perhaps I just caught you after a long day....?



The question is worth $25 not $50? A service company would only charge one service call and one labor amount no matter how many times they had to come back.

There are either two or four screws that hold the lower toe kick in place. There is nothing under the unit that would cause this issue?

Sounds like you have really hard water or using to much soap. Really the only things that would cause this issue especially if you already used cleaning agents inside.

Remove all dishes from the machine. place a bowl upright on the top rack. Start the machine. After ten minutes open the door. If the bowl is full, the motor is fine and there is a soap issue or water hardness issue.
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