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Maytag washer Model MAV6000AWW -- when it gets to low cyle,

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Maytag washer Model MAV6000AWW -- when it gets to low cyle, motor has loud buzzing sound--motor also trips on motor overload--sometime we get a hot rubber smell.
Hello, thank you for asking your question here. I will assist you tonight. If you remove the belt, does the motor still trip on the overload?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, I removed the belt and it does not trip on the overload. However, the motor works in an erratic fashion. The motor is stiff with the belt off, and after running awhile, we get a high pitch squeal. After you shut the machine off, the motor shaft turns freely by hand. This does change--sometimes by hand it gets stiff and is just hard to turn. What is puzzling is we can wash clothes on the color cycle, heavy through medium, but once we get to the low cycle, the motor has that loud buzz. We return to the heavy wash to rinse the clothes and then have to turn to the spin cycle on the white cycle to spin them or we get another loud buzz. By hand, we can turn the transmission freely both directions and it shows it spins and agitates. We are sure the motor is causing us problems, because it switches back and forth from start winding to run winding. If I have to order a new motor, do I order the whole pivot system or just the motor? Also, what is the motor part number and the drive belt part number? Is there anything I would have to specifically know in order to change out motor and wiring? While we have you on the line, ever since we have had the machine, we are unable to get a cold wash. It is always a warm wash. I checked the wiring diagram on this, and it seemed to be correct. Is there anything else I could do to correct this problem? The machine is about ten-twelve years old. The screens in both hot and cold are clean.

Ok great I suspected the transmission but you have confirmed the motor is in fact bad. The transmission on these seizes up and often causes this issue but the motor pulley should spin freely all the time.

You need to simply order the motor assembly. There are four bolts that mount it to the plate. All you need is the motor to fix this issue. You can purchase the part from the link below.

Click here for parts

On this model you are correct it uses a mixing valve so the water would never be cold only.
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