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Do you remember this fix:

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Do you remember this fix: I have the exact same problem (happened Thanksgiving Day!). But I don't seem to get 120V across white and grey (assuming I'll testing the correct "FOD") when I run self-clean. Does this mean the boards bad vice the fan blower?
Yes. No voltage being output to the fan circuit MEASURED BETWEEN FDO ON THE BOARD AND THE NEUTRAL WHITE WIRE is a board issue.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm not sure what "FDO" is. I think its a four wire connector on bottom right corner of board (white, brown, grey and white-black wires). I have 120 across brown - white, but nothing between grey-white when I run self clean. Is this the correct place to measure for voltage? I did not hear fan running on Thanksgiving when the oven went into the lock-unlock-lock issue. The micro-wave (white plastic fan) does work. Last question; can you verify the oven board part number:

16WB27T10916Control Ovn Asm
FDO is the marked terminal on the board for the fan. The wire from the fan runs right to that terminal, so just follow the wire. Board # XXXXX XXXXX wb27t10916 but I always say to call the supplier you wish to buy from and let them look it up- finding a part# XXXXX XXXXX a big issue that you need an expert for- knowing what to replace is.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, knowing what to replace is the challenge. It's hard to follow the wire cause it goes to a connector in the bottom of microwave metal floor behind control panel. BUT....- I found another (single) grey wire that connects to board at "FOD" (not FDO). Its not the larger grey wire that runs to four-pin connector that had 0V. At the FOD wire connection, the voltage does read 120V when the oven starts cleaning mode (I watched it just to 120 once the door lock completes). Does this would imply I have than same problem as the previous person and the fan is bad? Could it be something else in between the board and the fan? I did check the connectors.



A typo on that FOD- you have a bad fan if you have voltage to the motor, so check that. There is a t/stat in the white wire that makes the fan at run high or low speed, but it is doubtful it would fail in both modes.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok - thanks. I guess the final test will be to look for voltage at the fan, vice at the FOD. I'll order a new fan. Thanks for the advice.



You have it- do that check and you will know what is wrong. thanks