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Im looking for help troubleshooting my Fisher & Paykel GWL11

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I'm looking for help troubleshooting my Fisher & Paykel GWL11 Ecosmart washer, so I can repair it myself. If you start a load with it set to cold water, usually no cold water will come out (though occasionally it would). Switch to warm water, then hot would come out, but still in the rinse cycle, no cold would come out. Now it's worse: after starting to fill with warm, it will stop after perhaps 15 seconds, beep (1/sec) and 2 wash lights and spin light come on. Machine still works fine in spin cycle.
The cold water valve is probably bad. The easiest way to tell is to simply take the console off and swap the wires to the valves since the hot valve is working. If the valve still will not let hot in when set to cold then you have a bad control; if water flows then replace the valve. There is nothing odd about a bad valve.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi and thanks.. that makes sense. I opened up the console and found those wires, but the wires are not coming off the valves easily (I'm assuming that they get swapped at the valves and not at the other ends of the wires). Is there a trick to disconnecting these? It looks to me like they pull out downwards, not backwards, but I'm not sure.

There is a small catch that holds the harnesses in- just pull it back slightly to unplug the harness..
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you.. I was able to switch the wires, and that led to some changes: 'hot" water (I set my instant water heater temp way down so as not to damage any cold water thing internal thing with hot water, just in case) did come through when the machine started with the temperature set to cold. But the machine is still buggy, it seems.


At the moment I can't turn it on without it instantly going to an error: 2 wash lights plus the 2nd rinse light on (not spin, as I said before - my mistake.. sorry, I got it mixed up) + beeping. When I tried to start the machine with the water temp set to hot, the basin turned for about a second or two (no water moving) and then it stopped, and went to the 2-wash/rinse lights + beeping error. Could it be both a valve problem and a control problem? Sometimes now when I plug the machine back in it makes the (normal) musical start with the moving lights before going to the error, and other times (especially if unplugged a shorter time) it goes straight to the error.

Starting at the leftmost light indicator being #1 for the wash progress which numbers are lit up? This will let me decipher what the error is that the control is seeing.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It's numbers 3, 4 and 7 that come on, if the leftmost light is #1. While those lights are on the machine is beeping about once/second.

This is simply confirming that the valve is bad. replace it and the washer will work fine.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Alright... sounds like a plan.


Two (hopefully) final questions:


Do you have a recommendation about where I could/should buy that replacement valve, or is that beyond the kind of thing you help with?


Also, I'd like to give you a positive rating here, but maybe it would make sense for me to install the valve first before closing this dialogue down and doing that. Does that sound ok? I won't forget to come back and do the rating..


Thanks for your clear and timely help.



You can rate me whenever, but this is not a grey issue- the valve is bad by your own testing and any follow-ups can be done at no extra charge. You can look on ebay for the valve or get it right from FP.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks.. I've ordered the part. Since the two options I see here are 'Rate to Finish" and "Reply to Expert"... you mean that even if I choose rate to finish, I can come back and ask follow-up questions without additional expense? "Rate to Finish" makes it sound like as soon as I click that, everything is closed. Just checking since I'm new to this site.

Nothing prevents you from contacting me again. All you would need to do is post requesting me and I will provide any follow-up needed. but i doubt that will be needed here for such a simple issue.
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