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My washing machine, Samsung front loader WF 7708 N6W1 model

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My washing machine, Samsung front loader WF 7708 N6W1 model has been working well. Yesterday I put it on and it stopped at 1 minute to go. Now I cannot open the door or even get my clothes out.

Can some one please help me on how to firstly open it, and secondly to fix it please? Thanks Charlene
Hi my name isXXXXX have been an appliance repair tech since 1992.
On the bottom right corner of the washing machine is a access cover (small square)
Pop off the cover and you should see a string,rope, nylon material to pull. This will manually open your washer.

If the nylon string is not there, it may have been pushed up.And the only way to get in the machine would be to access the top cover off, and unlatch the door from the top.

As far as the repair, i would have a service tech change the door lock, and main control,
I hope this help you
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Rick, thank you for your reply. It is late here so I will try to open the door in the morning and look for the 'string'. That is not my original problem that I was querying - my main question is why it stopped leaving one minute to finish, and this resulted in not being able to open the door. Or will this problem be solved if I can open the door up? Cheers Charlene

Problem will not be solved, just able to open the door. The machine main control or door latch has failed and needs to be replaced. I would change the door latch first.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Rick the door still is not opened. I opened the bottom area of the front panel and drained the left hand lint collection and the water ran out. I then tried to pull out the black hose with th end on it to see if it opened the door. It didn't. I found it hard to try to open the end of the black small hose. Does the end open please? Is this the hose I pull to try to open the door? What is the purpose of the right hand side black hose please?


Thanks Charlene

If the connection is not there, it may have gotten pushed up and cannot see. The black hose is an external drain only. If you still cannot get into it, you would have to go through the top, and unlatch it manual. You can locate the switch from the top and use a straight head to unlatch it.