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I have an Amana bottom freezer top frig model number ABB1924DEQ

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I have an Amana bottom freezer top frig model number ABB1924DEQ that was not working when I bought my house. The lights and digital control turned on when plugged in so I did the GD internet search and came up with replacing the capacitor etc. on the compressor. It worked well then for 3 weeks until it stopped cooling the freezer and frig. The fan would run but when the compressor tried to kick in I heard a click and the compressor phase would stop. Is this something I can fix?

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Good afternoon. so you replaced the relay and it ran fine for 3 weeks and not it clicking again and not starting ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

When I let the unit cool down I plugged it back in. The fan would run but the compressor had a little hum as if trying to start....then a click.....then stop. The fan would keep running.

Okay thats not the best news to be honest on these Amana's. the compressor is failing or has already failed completely. At this point your left with two options. 1 you can try a 3inone hard start kit which has a capacitor to boost the starting amps. sometimes this will work for a while but eventually this to will fail. the second choice is a lot more expensive and probably; not worth doing. replace the compressor. that usually runs $6-$700.00 dollars. in most cases people opt to replace the refrigerator.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Amana offered me a Service One option for about $380. This covers parts, labor (including compressor replacement), and another one year warranty for anything that goes wrong with this 2005 model. Is that a good deal or should I just cancel it and go for a new refrigerator?

thats a good deal actually. if they warranty it for a year. the only issue I have with replacing the compressor in these is a system clog. A lot of times these have little pieces from the old compressor in the line and it can clog the dryer . if they guaranty it for a year it would happen long before that if it was going to. Anew refrigerator is more than $380.00. I would have it done in that case. hope this helps, thanks and best wishes, Bryan.
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