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I Have A Leak From The Front Left Side Facing The Machine

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I Have A Leak From The Front Left Side Facing The Machine
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

What kind of appliance is this? And do you have a model number so that I can better assist you?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

lg washing machine model # XXXXX

OK so this is a front load washer and you see it leaking somewhere form the front left corner. Have you removed the front cover on the drain catch and do you seel the drain catch twist cap leaking by chance?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes I have done all that. I removed and cleaned the filter drained the water out of the tube tightened the filter assembly. It doesn't do it after each wash probably every second I am draining the tube after each wash to see if that will eeleviate the leak but would like a better solution

OK well it's hard to know what's leaking without actually seeing the leak. My advice would be to pull the washer forward. Then remove the 2 or 3 screws coming in from the back of the top panel. The top panel will then pull straight back, up, and off. Once you remove this panel you can remove the screws going into the back access panel. Remove this panel as well and use a flashlight. Everything should be illuminated fairly well with the back and top panel removed. Then just start a cycle and run it until you can see the water leaking again. If you still can't see where the water is coming from, the most likely place would be the rubber door gasket because if it doesn't seal up tight, it will will drip down inside the washer and leak out the front of the washer. This is the one place you can't see because the tub is in your way even with the panels removed. The gasket would need to be replaced if this was the case.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If it is the door gasket I see there is a matel ring with a spring that goes around the gasket, The gasket does seem to be in good shape, do I need ant special tools to replace that/ also does the replacement gasket come with that assembly?

You do not need any special tools. You just remove the front retailer ring and then push the gasket in and remove the back retainer ring and the gasket will pull off.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I found where the leak is. It is leaking from the Hose assembly drain hose. It seems like a very tight area to try to remove and replace from the rear. In your professional opinion would you remove the front case and how would you do that(what steps) or would you try to turn it over and do it from underneath?

That could really be a problem unless you're extremely handy. To access the drain pump, you need to pull the washer forward and unplug it.  Pull the dispenser drawer completely off the washer.  Next, remove the 2 bolts coming in from the back of the top panel.  The top panel will pull straight back, up, and off.  Remove the screws coming in through the dispenser opening and the screws coming from the inside of the washer going into the control panel.  The control panel will then pull up and out of the way.  At this point, you just have a few screws going across the top of the front panel to remove.  Open the door and you need to disconnect the rubber door gasket.  There is a wire ring around the front lip of the rubber door gasket.  Use a flat head screwdriver and pry the wire ring off the gasket.  Now you can remove the front panel to access the drain pump located under the drum attached to the drain catch.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks but I did not find your help as helpful as going on Youtube. In addition your customer service, people are not as sharp as I would like. Thank you for your support

alright, well I do wish you only the best and if you need anything at all please, let me know.