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My model No. is KHMS105BBL-0, 1994. Can the screen on the

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My model No. is KHMS105BBL-0, 1994.
Can the screen on the door of the microwave be taken off safely and put back on? Asking because residue from some food heated in the oven got on the inner part of the glass door and I would like to clean it up!
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

It can definitely be done but I would NOT classify it as easy. That mesh screen is part of the entire door frame. There are only a few screws inside the door that you would need to remove, but everything is clipped together and can crack when prying on it to release the clips. Below is a small video that shows you how to remove the inner door gasket called the "choke". Then you can pry around the outside edges and remove what screws you see inside the door to unclip the outside of the door and separate the front glass panel from the inner door frame.

CLICK HERE for video

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