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Hi, I have a kenmore 417.40052990 front load washer. The

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I have a kenmore 417.40052990 front load washer. The timer stopped advancing a couple of weeks ago. I replaced the timer (ebay, it said "new") and the same thing happens. Works fine if I depress knob, advance one click, pull knob out. The timer motor actually runs after each of these, advancing the next gear up one revolution.
I've followed the directions on the sheet(s) inside the washer: speed control voltages and resistance are good, door switch and fill switch check out (fill switch no resistance between middle and bottom contact at full, no resistance between middle and top at empty.
Unless the replacement time has the same failure as my original, something else is up but I can''t figure what. As a note, the machine is roughly 8-10 years old and has been sitting in the same place working fine. 2 months ago I redid the floor in the laundry room so it was dragged out and back in, but that's it for changed conditions. I also have noticed that the bleach container of the dispenser is full of water, though the detergent seems to be dispensing properly.

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This is a commonly misdiagnosed issue. I doubt the timer you received was bad and your timer is probably fine. The speed control board is going to be the issue. If you look at the schematic and legend contacts 4T and 6T only have a small window when they are closed and the timer actually is mechanically powered through contacts, the rest of the time it is run exclusively through the speed control unit. Replace that and it will work fine again. You can check on the legend at the very end of the cycle the 4T and 6T are closed otherwise I believe they are open and then it only runs when the speed control unit powers it.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry about the delay in rating your answer, I waited until I had ordered the speed control and installed it. I previously had been told (not you) the timer was the issue and replaced the timer. So I wanted to see the results. I hope the lag does not affect your payment. Thank you.