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My mother has been having trouble with her Kenmore Model 587.15232900

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My mother has been having trouble with her Kenmore Model 587.15232900 Dishwasher. She lives far from me and I am trying to help her and my brother fix the problem.

Originally she indicated a leak that flooded the entire kitchen and dining room floor. They ripped up the carpet and pulled out the dishwasher to find a whole underneath the tub part of the dishwasher. My brother says he bought some epoxy or something and plugged it up, and it seemed to work.

Today my mother looked in the dishwasher and found that the bottom heating element is actually touching the bottom of the tub and melting it. She indicates the telement is attached by two clips, but the element is still touching. Is there suppose to be more than two clips?
There are only 2 clips here, so the element has deformed to the point where it is touching the tub assuming the clips are in position. The clips extend vertically up to support the element. You may need a new dishwasher now as that tub is not very thick at all.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My mom says the element appears to be warped in two different places. I can not think of anything that she would have done to cause that. She is a very old lady and I told her to shut the dishwaasher off. That seems to be a very big manufacturer problem to me. Are you aware of this problem happening before? Because the only reason my mom looked inside the tub, is because she was watching some consumer report stuff on TV where the customer had the same problem and the company did not fix it until he reported it to the network. Could this be some recall or manufactureing problem?


There were mfr issues on many d/w models because of poorly made heaters. I know that quite a few models were covered by a recall because of these heaters so I would call Sears with the model and serial# XXXXX see if this qualifies for replacement as many heaters burst open and shot hot metal into the plastic tub melting it- just like what happened here to cause the leak.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry was enroute to parents house when your final response came in. Thanks again for everything.

Sears repair guy went to my moms and confirmed your findings, but they refused to fix it because it would cost more to fix it then to buy a new one. And they refused to replace the machine or fix the flooded floor and damaged carpet caused by the the deffective machine, indicating it was no longer under warranty. I pleaded with them (my mom crying the entire time) that we should not be held liable for the damages caused by their machine's deffects, and that not only where there damages caused to the machine and the dining room, but that the entire situation caused a hazardous and dangerous and tramatic situation for my 80Plus year old parents that could have effected them negatively had a fire started. The repair person said that there was nothing he could do, as he had advised his superiors in tech support who indicated that they would not replace the dishwasher or fix the damage to the dining room carpet and floor area.


Not sure at this point if I should contact some kind of consumer groupattorney/etc.


Disappointed that a large corporation screws the little guy again. My parents are emotionally drained by the situation. I feel guilty because I bought this dishwasher for them as a Christmas present in 2009. they have had nothing but problems since the original purchase (most were covered by the original warranty, yet here we are a machine less than three years old craps out on them and the manufacturer refuses to make any type of responsible attempt to assist these old folks. Hell I have had my dishwasher for over 22 yeaars without any problems. This seems almost crimnial on there part.


Sorry for the rant, quess this was draing on me as well.


I want to thank you for your quick response and diagnosis of the problem. As I said before you were 100% correct in the diagnosis. It is just so dishearting to be placed in a helpless situation like this.


Again thanks for immediate assistance and honesty.


Thanks. I can only assume that there was no recall on this model from the way you were treated here. If this were Whirlpool they would have taken care of everything as no company wants the liability of a claim like yours.