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I think my 5-year old Bosch Dishwasher SHE46C is giving me

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I think my 5-year old Bosch Dishwasher SHE46C is giving me a C6 error...not positive on this as I cannot find any service info on it. In any case, it washes, but will not drain. I can find nothing clogging the drain or hose and the pump impeller is free to turn.
If I hold two buttons in while turning on the power, I get code C6 followed by P0. Then the auto wash light stays on and the regular wash light flashes.

If this is something that can be fixed for under $200, I can try it..I am not afraid to take things apart and can deal with any electrical issues since I am an electrical engineer.
The drain pump is bad or it's not getting power to run assuming you don't hear it running. Take off the kickplate and you will see the drain pump to the right of the inlet valve. To the left rear of the inlet valve is a red plastic rod that is part of a flood switch. Lift up on the rod and you will hear a click; the pump should get power and therefore run. So, that should tell you where the problem lies here with the use of a voltmeter. You may find it easier to pull the inlet valve out a bit to do this.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks. I cannot troubleshoot this much right now as I am going to be too busy with other things. This may have to wait a bit.


However, I do see the red rod and it seems to be free to move up and down. Yes, I do hear the click of the switch. Do you know if the rod should be up when full of water or down? Getting to the wires is not easy. without a complete removal of the unit...something I do not have time for now I did find the schematic inside and will check it later to find the proper wires to see if the pump is getting any power.


Assuming it is not something trivial like a bad switch, is it worth investing in repairing this 5 year old dishwasher or should I just buy a new one? I do hate throwing away a $700 appliance for something minor.

This is probably worth fixing but you don't know what is wrong yet. Make the test and you will have your answer. The rod only goes up when the base is flooded and this triggers the drain pump as a safety measure to prevent overflow.

You can do this at your leisure of course but I would appreciate a positive rating as you have what you need to know what to do in order to source the fault now.

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