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Samsung DMT300 Series Dishwasher Flashes 'OE' Error.

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My Samsung DMT300 series dishwasher keeps flashing function error - Over-level water error. This makes this appliance virtually useless to us. Can you help me with this?

Brand: Samsung
Type of Appliance: Dishwasher
What have you tried so far?: I have checked the water supply line and made sure that the line is not restricted. I have checked the level of the machine and it is near perfectly level as per installation instructions.

Is the error OE on the display?
There are a couple of things that can cause the problem.
Do you have tools and wish to try to repair this yourself or are you looking for advise on what is the cause?

JACUSTOMER-yc1x9dhb- :
The error is indicated by the led lights in the heavy and quick indicator lights in the front of the machine. I found the meaning to this in the troubleshooting section of my user manual.

Appl-Tech :
The OE error is indicating that the water has reached the top of the water level sensing container.
This may be caused by a number of issues
1. Faulty water inlet valve not closed properly allowing additional water enter the machine.
2. Faulty flow meter counting the amount of water that has entered the machine.
3. Possible drain issue

You would need to check all these items out for any problems

JACUSTOMER-yc1x9dhb- :
Ok I will check the drain and the drain line for issues as that may be the simplest solution at this time and I will pray that will resolve my problem. I have no way that I know of to check the inlet valve and the flow meter. I hope that I do not need to call a service tech to my home as I am unemployed at the moment and money is really tight, but my family would like to have our 2 year old dishwasher back.

Also on the inside of the dishwasher we have noted that there does not seem to be much water and on the dishes as there used to be when the machine was working properly, if that helps you!

Appl-Tech :
Check out the drain as you say, that is the easiest thing to check.
Do you have the ability and tools to fix this yourself?

JACUSTOMER-yc1x9dhb- :
Oh yes I should have all the tools that I need, I have worked as an electrician and a mechanic most of my life.

Appl-Tech :
I can send you a repair manual for another model that will show you the info you need to take it apart. Samsung dishwashers use basically the same mechanical components. The controls and some functions are the only differences.

If you read the manual you will understand how the machines operate.

JACUSTOMER-yc1x9dhb- :
Oh that would be handy!

Appl-Tech :
Click on the links

One is a quick ref for your model, the other is a generic 2008 service training manual we got for the school.

It does not cover your model specifically, but like I said the mechanics are all similar

Feel free to come back and ask any questions you may come up with on the same subject.

Thanks for letting me help you out.

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