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my maytag jetclean eq plus dishwasher smells like a rotten

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my maytag jetclean eq plus dishwasher smells like a rotten animal. I've looked all around, underneath, behind, taken it apart almost and can't find where the smell is coming from. When I open the dishwasher it smells fine inside. The smell is coming from around the dishwasher and it's more prominent when it's runnning a load. Could something be trapped in a vent that I can't see? Going crazy with this smell!

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Okay it's very doubtful anything is caught in a vent, however you most likely have a dead mouse either up in the installation of the dishwasher or possibly up inside the door itself . have you removed the dishwasher from under the counter top yet? you will most likely have to completely un install the dishwasher and check the insulation all the way around and also up around with the pump and motor assembly is and if you cannot find anything there you will more than likely need to take the door part and check inside the insulation up inside the door , mice tend to make nests anywhere they can find the insulation , do you think you can pull the dish washer out ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have removed the dishwasher from the counter top and cleaned all around. I didn't see a dead mouse, but there we droppings. I checked all the way around and can't see where a mouse could be. How would I go about taking the door apart?

Okay you need to check between the door and see if there's anything in there that may have gotten all the way up to the control panel area where a lot of times I'm also get electrocuted by hitting the wires and then of course once it's dead after a few days starts to really smell, around the inside of the door you will see screws all the way around you need to remove all the screws and lift the inner door panel up. This will give you access to the inside of the door with the control is an insulation. You will need to look real good up in there to see whether there's a mouse somewhere in that area. The other thing that happens is you may not have a dead mouse but a mouse tends to PEE everywhere he goes especially on the insulation and when the machine is running it's much warmer each makes the smell bad from the urine. Unfortunately it's disgusting and this happens a lot in ovens and ranges also. You will need to check it real good and hopefully you will find the dead mouse or be able to tell if the insulation is stained or smells bad. Also when you had to dishwasher out was there any smell in the hole the dishwasher sits in, ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK i'll give that a try this evening. There didn't seem to be a smell coming from the hole the dishwasher sits in. It's definitely coming from the dishwasher itself. I just can't pinpoint where. I can smell the odour right now and the dishwasher isn't even on. We had this smell a couple of months ago and then it just disappeared. Now it's back.

okay let me know if I can help more. thanks, Bryan
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We found a mouse! Thanks for your help :)