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I have a Fridgedair front loading washer that wont spin.

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I have a Fridgedair front loading washer that won't spin. I don't know the model; the lettering on the tag inside the front door has worn off. However, I bought it new in 2006/07. I have found some information on the WEB mentioning the door lock switch. The door locks and it fills with water. Is there another lock/mechanism? I've also seen mention of diagnostics? My front panel doesn't have any kind of display for a diagnostics code.

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without a model number this is real tough , does this drain correctly ? is are no water in the tub after drains at all ? try reaching in and spinning the tub by hand , do you hear sloshing of water underneath the tub ?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I know it's tough without the model. Just trying to find a manual on-line was impossible. Tub turns by hand, don't hear any water sloshing. However, we had drained it when we took the back cover off and have not tried it since. There was not that much water in it. With the back cover off, we noticed the motor was not turning. the back right corner on the bottom there is a motor control board (spin control)this is the issue if the door is locking and the lock light is on and this is draining correctly. you would need to check the part number on the tag however to make sure you get the right control board. can you check that ?
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I did some looking around on-line and found some comments from owners with the same symptoms and error code. Their fix was the door lock. Control bd. was $130; door lock was $50. Replaced the door lock and that fixed the problem.