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What is the difference between airconditioning unit ras -m10

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What is the difference between airconditioning unit ras -m10 skv-e and ras 10n3 avp-e - which one is better?
Hello, welcome to Just Answer !

The difference is shown here, just click on this link.

The SKVE model can hold the air temperature in a tighter range, See the two big box diagrams about 1/4 of the way down the page,

All of these systems however are very complex with electronics controls and micro computers. Make sure you have an established dealer in the area that provides service, In Australia and some parts of Asia there is service available, In the USA and much of Europe, this equipment is sold, but service can be difficult or impossible to find.... and can cost more than simply replacing the system if you do find it a dealer who offers service,

In that type of air conditioner only Daikin and Mitsubishi have established much of a service network at all.... and that needs to be verified for any given region,

Let me know what you think, we can go from there until you have all of the data you are looking for.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have 2 rooms that I need the air-conditioning and I got 2 offers (I am in Europe) and got two very different proposals with 2 skve inside and 2 avde for inside - the difference in price is very significant but I need to understand if the difference is really that great (did I understand you correctly that the skve is better?)

Hello again,


Summary: I do not like the SKVE model.


The SKVE is better if you care about very very fine temperature control, and want to pay more and have a much more *complex difficult to repair and maintain system....with a life span well under 10 years in most cases

My preference is to avoid complexity whenever humanly possible when it comes to appliances.. So I do *not recommend the SKVE system, but the less expensive alternative.

The more complex the system the more it tends to fail .... and when it fails it is more difficult and costly to diagnose and repair than the simpler less expensive system... that is especially true a few years later when all those electronics have become obsolete and the components are no long stocked by the parts houses... and there are no trained technicians available for the more complex systems.

Its a huge problem in most of the world.

The SKVE will hold the temperature about 1 degree closer to the room temperature you select than the other model. Most people will not notice the difference.

With this sort of relatively short lived but expensive equipment more complex is not better... simpler is better by a wide margin.

The thing to understand is that none of these type systems are robust at all... they are relatively flimsy, built to last 5 to 7 years at best. The less you spend the better. That way you can afford to replace rather than repair.

The manufacturers make their systems more complex in order to offer something that the competition does not have and to increase sales... its a sales gimmick for the most part.

This is despite claims of better efficiency etc.


If you save $5 a month on electricity but the unit is not repairable or breaks more often, and the repairs cost $500... there is no net savings. but there is a significant net loss.

I recommend the absolute least expensive model... that will run longer with less trouble and be easier to repair than the more expensive model.

Thats my personal view and experience after 51 years in this business.


You get to have the fun of selecting which way you want to go.

Good luck with your purchase.



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