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About 5 years ago I purchased a GE refrigerator model PDW9700N0011.

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About 5 years ago I purchased a GE refrigerator model PDW9700N0011. Thefirst 3-4 years it was fine. Aboutone year ago it started having two problems. 1) The freezer started building up tremendous amounts of ice. All my freezer items arecoatedwith about one inch of ice and the back of the freezer hasseveral inches od ice on it. I literally need to defrost every month or so (like in the old days). 2) the back part of my fregrigerator freezs any thing I place inthe back of the shelves. I have had to throw out many heads of lettuce, jars of food etc. b/c the back half of my refrigerator is way tocold. I have adjusted the temperature settings ,made them lower, and hada repairman out but he said sometimes this is just what happens in the newer refrigerators. I am desperate. I am tired of throwing out perfectly good frozen food and defrosting our freezer. What are your suggestions? Thanks. XXXXX

Hello, Thank you for using this service, I will be helping you with your problem today

Okay you have classic issues that these refrigerators have which is a defrost issue for one and and the freezing and the refrigerator section which are both very common issues , however the model number you gave me is bringing up a GE dishwasher can you open the refrigerator door and look on either one of the side walls or the ceiling for the model number tag and get that model number off of that tag ? thanks, Bryan

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I am sorry I was looking at the incorrect booklet for the number .The refrigerator model is GTS22KBPCKWW

That's fine that happens a lot. Give me a couple of minutes to pull up your information and all the diagrams so we can get the bottom of your issue. Please as we are working together wait until you get a reply from me before posting again. A lot of times when you do post and I am working on I question and an answer it can be completely erased and I have to start over again which in some cases could be a whole page. So please be patient and I will be back with you shortly, thanks, Bryan
Okay sorry to take so long were extremely busy today. First thing you have to do is to remove the back panel inside the freezer behind your food and defrost the coils completely, this is a pretty basic GE refrigerator and doesn't have electronic damper assembly in it so that's good news. I am going to be sending you diagrams in parts, but before we get going on that do you have a voltmeter and know how to test continuity? There's one simple test we need to do to find out why you are having a defrost issue. Let me know and I will send the information as soon as I know that you can do this particular test, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi, I guess i will need your diagram before I tackle the job of removing the back panel inside the freezer? Also what is a voltmeter? Where do I buy one? Do you have any idea how much they cost. ? Our repairman is coming to fix our dishwasher tomorrow could he follow your directions, instead of me trying all this. I will try but I not real strong at 71 years old.

Okay I understand, well here's the diagram for the freezer, the panel it needs to be removed is part number 201 on the diagram, a voltmeter is actually just a multimeter which is used for testing electrical parts if you have someone come on out there tomorrow this should be really simple for him to do. The problem is most likely on this refrigerator defrost thermostat, this is not an offensive part and he could replace it in no time at all. Most likely he'll have it in stock, the part is only $10 so at least you know how much it is, as far as the freezing in the refrigerator goes most likely your damper is stuck open which is another thing he could fix very easily and shouldn't need any parts for that because it's all mechanical all he needs to do is make sure it's opening and shutting correctly, I have a feeling it's open to far him that's why you haven't had issue , I would have them repair the refrigerator at the same time and this will probably only run you around $70 or $80 from the fix that while he's there to work on the dishwasher, hope this info is helpful. very best wishes and thanks , Bryan
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