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Whirlpool duet washer starts OK but then has a grinding sound

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Whirlpool duet washer starts OK but then has a grinding sound that won't stop until you hit pause

Hello, Thank you for using this service, I will be helping you with your problem today

Good afternoon. do you have the full model number

.so I can better assist you ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Okay perfect, I need you to open the door and spin the drum by hand. Do you hear any noise then? Also pull the drum in and out (the stainless inner drum) does it move in and out? Also side to side and up and down does it move independently from the outer tub?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Drum moves independently - free and easy and silently.

Okay how much play in and out does this have? Does it move in and out a quarter-inch half-inch? Does the grinding noise sound like there may be something in a pump or does it sound like it's the drum itself is making a noise when it's running?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The grinding does not sound as though the drum is faulty. The drum moves freely in and out 1/2-1 inch maybe.

For example, I can run the "clean washer" cycle with nothing in the drum and it will spin effortlessly and noiselessly for the first minute before it then begins to grind. It sounds as though it is coming from behind the detergent dispenser box top left, as though it can't get water maybe...

I'm not sure if I understand correctly, when you say grinding does it sound like metal on metal? This should not have 1/2 -1 inch play in and out. The problem is going to be the rear drum assembly which has the Bearing in it, unfortunately on this model they do not sell the bearing separately it comes with the rear tub. Rear Drum with Bearing 280251 Main Product ViewThis is an expensive and very labor-intensive job. If you removed the back panel with the main pulley assembly is and move the pulley in and out you'll see what I mean. you need to order and replace Manufacturer Number 280251, I wish I had better news for you. sorry, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I really don't think the problem is the drum, as it moves fine. I was just saying that it moves freely - the distance1/2 inch is hard to judge. It doesn't necessarily sound like metal on metal - it sounds as though it is stuck somehow and can't continue the cycle.

Okay so I'm not sure what kind of noise you're hearing then. Try removing the top of the machine there are three screws along the back take them out and lift the top at the back slightly and pull it back from underneath the front panel to remove. Check the detergent dispenser. This does have a motor on the actuator, start the machine and see if the noises coming from the actuator itself. If so you need to replace the actuator, heres a link to the part if thats the problem.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK so I took the top off and had a look at the box/actuator? you described. The noise was coming from this box. I reverted to the age old method of giving it a whack or two and the machine began the cycle - which is now running. On top of the actuator there is an arm lever running between two teardrop shaped pieces of plastic. The larger of these two seems to be corroded, and wasn't moving until I hit the thing. Can you advise on whether I can replace just that piece? Or will I still need to replace the whole thing if the machine stops working again?

You may be able to get away with just replacing the actuator arms, here's a link where you could look at the parts, hopefully you adjusting to replace a few of the plastic pieces and you'll be done with it, good job thanks and best wishes, Bryan

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