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I have a new Samsung Dishwasher Model DMS300. I get a E3 error

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I have a new Samsung Dishwasher Model DMS300. I get a E3 error and according to the manual it means water draining problem. I checked the drain hose for kinks etc. It is fine. Removed the sides of the machine and you can see that alot of times it drains quite well, so I don't think it is the motor. Any advice would be highly appreciated

Hello, Thank you for using this service, I will be helping you with your problem today

Do you have your drainpipe from the dishwasher hooked up correctly ? you need to have a loop that is higher than the drain itself is that the case ? here is a picture of how your dishwasher drain should be run ,

as you can see in this picture the drain line has to be higher at one point than the connection on the sink. is it ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My drain pipe runs from the machine at an upwards angle towards the outlet, but does not have a loop on top and then goes down towards the outlet again. Why is this important? I am asking this because it worked fine for quite a while with the current set-up

Yes it is extremely important, if you read your installation guide it tells you to do this. The reason being he creates an air gap so the water cannot go back into the machine and also does not allow for a siphon effect, even though it ran correctly before if you get any kind of siphon effect what is happening to you could be the fault of not having the loop, do you have enough drain hose to make a loop what you want to do is connected as far up as you can to the counter top and then back down to the drain. Now you say this is a new dishwasher how old is it? If it's a mechanical issue with the dishwasher itself or electrical in the dishwasher if you try to take us apart to do any repairs they will void your warranty which you definitely do not want. Let me know if you can try the loop and see if that makes a difference. Thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

drain hose

Okay normally they tie you to make the loop as high as possible but if that's the way they don't do it in your installation guide then it should be fine. Do you have any kind of problem with the drainage in the sink itself? Sometimes this is difficult to detect but if there's a lot of back pressure you will get the E3 error, even though it seems to drain fine in the sink itself is not under pressure like it is from the pump on the dishwasher itself so if there's back pressure in this takes too long to drain you will get an E3 error. Do you have a 5 gallon bucket you can put the drain hose into and see if it runs correctly then? You still have to have it higher than the bucket itself so try to put a loop in it or at least make it higher and then back down into the bucket and see if the dishwasher runs correctly like that. If so you have a restricted drain in the house itself that's not allowing the water to drain in the allotted time which will bring up the error. I don't believe is an issue with the dishwasher although there could be, if you try that and it works correctly into the bucket you have a drain issue that's not allowing the water to drain fast enough and therefore the E3 error comes up. Try that and let me know if it works. If it doesn't then you need to call for service if this is a fairly new dishwasher. I hope this helps, thanks, Bryan
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