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I have a Frigidaire Electric Dryer Model#137309400A that displays

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I have a Frigidaire Electric Dryer Model#137309400A that displays an E61 code.

I've measured across the relay contacts in J5 and J7 as recommended. There are shorts (reading ~350 Ohms) between L1 and (J5-2, J7-1, J7-3) and open circuits between L1 and (J5-1, J5-3, J7-2).

In diagnostic mode, with position selector at 5, Heat1 - NTC1, the temperature increases normally. At positon 6, Heat2 - NTC2, it codes E64 (Heater Open Circuit). At position 7, Heat3 - NTC1, temperature begins to rise as with positon 5 but then codes the same E64.

Given the above, is the correct assumption that RL6 is bad (servicing heater core #2)? Is there a further check before replacing the circuit board and/or heating element?
Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am here to assist you. First of all that number you sent is not a model number but it is a part number. Your model number should start with some letters and should be around the door. Now with that being said you are doing a great job however you need to check the wiring for RL6 to the heater to make sure it isn't bad and also if you look at the wiring diagram you can see where it goes to the heater itself and you need to check to make sure that part of the heater isn't bad (which I suspect it being the issue). Let me know what you find.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Randy. Copy all and thank you for your quick reply.




Wiring from RL6, via J7-1 confirmed good (I checked all three for good measure).


Given you'd suggested the heater itself was bad, I then checked from L2 (black) across each of the cores (with the connectors unplugged from the control board so we didn't have any reverse reads back through the relays). I would expect with heating elements would be very high resistance wires to generate the heat. My inexpensive meter gave satisfactory >10M Ohm readings across two of the three elements but a virtual short on the third @27.4 Ohms.


Looking in on the heater from the rear, it's the element connector located at the top of the arc on the heater itself.


Are these items end-user replaceable or do I have to get a whole new heater unit itself?


Your recommended next step(s)?


Thanks again for your quick and clear response!

Great job on your part. Okay, unfortunately the individual heaters inside the element are not replaceable. You have to replace the whole heating element tube. Now I have done some looking and the average price for the new heating element if you install it yourself is $110. You can get it a any reputable appliance part store and the part number isNNN-NN-NNNN Again, great job on your part and thank you for your time and patience, Randy.
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