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Bryan, Home Appliance Technician
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I have a sears kenmore laundry center item #417.89190810 and

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I have a sears kenmore laundry center item #417.89190810 and i need to change the belt for the washing machine. I opened the front panel and located the belt but I am unable to determine how to remove the old belt, short of cutting it. There is a small pulley which is driven by the motor and a larger pulley which goes along for the ride and also there is a spring loaded device which appears to be a belt tensioner. I would appreciate help in how to change the belt myself. Pictures would certainly enhance any explanation.

Hello, Thank you for using this service, I will be helping you with your problem today


the pump needs to be removed to get the belt off. heres a diagram does your look like this ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i am not in front of the unit now but it looks like it. What steps do i need to do to remove the pump. When the pump is out of the way will I then be able to see how to remove the belt and replace. The unit is in a secondary property and I might not get to work on it for a few weeks.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Bryan, I am looking at the diagram and that looks like it. The unit is in a secondary property and I will not get a chance to work on it for a while. It looks like the pump is item #16 on the diagram. Short of loosening some hose clamps to disconnect the hoses what else needs to be done to disconnect the pump

there are screw going up through the bottom of the pump you need to remove (#13) then pull the pump down push the spring loaded pull assembly out and pull the belt off. its not to difficult and if you have issues you can come back and ask more questions then even if you rate me now the question stays open.


P.S. there is a screw going through the motor shaft on the pump you need to remove also, sorry forgot that.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Bryan, i guess the other screw you are talking about is either #17 or #20. There is not much room between the bottom of the pump and the floor of the unit. will it be difficult to get a screwdriver under there. Is the spring loaded pulley #29(which looked to me like it was part of a belt tensioner) or #28.

yes its part of the belt tensioner. the screw through the pump shaft is an Allen screw I believe, you will probably need the long straight Allen wrench to get to that, sorry its a pain. stupid setup ! thanks and best wishes, Bryan
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

well Bryan I finally got to work on it this weekend. My initial thoughts again were this was going to be another frustrating attempt. Again this is a very old model (likely 30 years old). After disconnecting all 3 hoses going to the pump and draining the water I checked the fasteners that secured the pump in place. Since there was very little space between the bottom of the pump and the floor of the unit I basically couldn't see what i was dealing with but by feel i was able to determine that the fasterners could not be removed with an allen wrench. I had a1/4 inch open end wrench that did the trick. There are hex spacers which attach the pump directly below the motor and a shaft from the motor inserts into the top of the pump and an allen screw serures the top of the pump to the motor shaft. So as you said the pump had to be removed to gain access to the belt. I also had to remove screws from the side panel and back of the unit as well as a bracket that secured the lower washer to the upper dryer unit so that i could pull the side panel out of the way to gain access. Once evrything was out of the way, including the belt tensioner it was a breeze to replace the belt. Because some of the screws that secured the pump to the bottom of the hex spacers snapped while removing them (just rusted solid inside the hex spacer) i will have to go the the hardware store and get some replacement hex spacers and screws. By next time i should have this all back together for a test run. THanks for your advice

thats good to hear. good job, I know these are a real pain to do. sorry. glad you got it though. have a great day ! thanks, Bryan