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I have GE Profile PDW9280N20SS that will run for 10 - 15 minutes,

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I have GE Profile PDW9280N20SS that will run for 10 - 15 minutes, beep once and then stop running. When I look at the touchpad (with the door still closed), several lights are lit up. The touchpad is mostly unresponsive when I press any of the buttons. I may get one light to turn off, but then another lights. If I press start/cancel enough, the delay button will begin to scroll continuously from 2 to 4 to 6.

-I've checked the wiring and connections in the junction - Tight and Clean.
-I unplugged and reconnected the touchpad to the control board.
-I ran the factory test mode to calibrate - I did not get any errors.

I am debating replacing both the keypad and the control module. The number on the control module is 165D8853G001. Per GEparts, I have come up with part numbers WD34X11210 for the keypad, and WD21X10367 for the control module.

I appreciate any advice you can give me!


Hello, Thank you for using this service, I will be helping you with your problem today

Good morning.if this originally responds and you are able to set the wash cycle and start it but it stops it wont be the key pad it will be the control board. Manufacturer Number WD21X10367. you need to replace it. since the key pad works at the beginning its not the issue. hope this helps, thanks , Bryan

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. I will order, and replace the control board. I was only considering the keypad based upon some answers that others had received. It makes sense that it is mostly unresponsive solely because the control board is not accepting the commands from pressing buttons on the keypad.

thats correct, if the control fails the key pad wont respond, have a great day and thanks, Bryan
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I replaced the control board, performed the factory test to calibrate, and the dishwasher is doing the same thing. It will run for about 15 minutes, and then all of the lights go out on the touchpad until I open the door.


It will continuously run the factory test mode, but not go more than 15 minutes when run normally.

okay thats strange, you may have a short in the ribbon on the keypad itself, this is a difficult thing to tell on line unfortunately.sorry. can you return the control ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I cannot return the controller board, but I can resell it as a good used board if I wish. I'm ok with having bought the board even though it didn't solve my problem -- the board probably would have gone bad with my luck anyhow.


I will order a new touchpad and give that a try.


Is there anything else you think I should try?



Okay I understand, like I said it's very difficult sometimes to be absolutely sure when we are working on line, the problem with these or at least testing these touch pads is you really can't do it without a special keypad testing instrument, which of course cost more than just ordering the keypad. If you order the keypad through repair they will let you return it even if you have installed it and it didn't take care of your issue. But realistically there are only two things that can cause the issue you're having and one you have already replaced so that leaves the keypad, thanks have a great Sunday, Bryan