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I have a Thermador built-in Oven unit (microwave, warming oven,

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I have a Thermador built-in Oven unit (microwave, warming oven, and electric oven). The control panel for the oven went out. What part is needed and how do I install it.

rob clement :

Hi Don,my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you today.Can you get me the complete model number.Some of the ovens have a kit that is required.Please keep in mind,I am not there and need your input to correctly diagnose your problem.

rob clement :

Hello,is anyone there?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Rob, The model is Model SMW272, Serial No. 6HD2100028.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Rob, the model is SMW272; Model no. 16-11-157 and the Serial No. is 6HD2100028

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Rob are you back on the job? I sent you the information you requested yesterday. I am at my computer and can respond to you if you have further questions.

Hi,just got home and i am this a single oven or a double oven?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It just has one electric oven. The wall unit has a warming drawer and a microwave, but they are operating independently of the oven control and still functon completely. It is the oven that is not functional because the display has gone out. The touch controls, bake, broil, convection, etc. beep when you touch them, but you can not tell what is happening becouse the display is out.

You will need to order kit number 702450 and install ALL of the parts in the kit.It comes with instructions and all the parts needed to fix the dim display with updated parts.How old is this oven? You may call Bosch and see if they will cover this for you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Rob, the unit was purchased 5/25/2003. From whom do I purchase the "kit"? Is there more to describing the "kit?"



You can buy the part directly from thermador by part number.The kit consist of a new display head,main power relay board,and keypad harness.You will have to partially remove the oven to complete the repair.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Rob, I have ordered the part and it has just arrived. However it came without any installation instructions. I don't consider the job complete until I get some instructions on how to install the part.

Thank you.



1. Turn off the electrical power to the oven.
2. Open the upper oven door.
3. To remove the control panel:
a) Remove the two bottom end screws from
the control panel frame.
IMPORTANT: To prevent pulling 4-wire connector
P2 from the control panel plug in the next step,
support the control panel with both hands.
b) Using both hands, pull the top of the control
panel forward and unsnap the posts
on both sides of the panel from the catches
in the subpanel (see inset 1).
c) Being careful not to bend the pins, grasp
the ribbon cable connector, (not the ribbon
cable), and pull it off the circuit board
pins (see inset 2).
d) Unplug the 4-wire connector from the circuit
board connector (see inset 3).
4. To remove the display head (see inset
a) Remove the three screws from the plastic
frame and pull the display forward.
IMPORTANT: Ribbon cable J3 is not indexed.
Note the orientation before you disconnect it in
the next step so that you can position it the same
way when you reconnect it.
b) Pull up on the end tabs of the locking strip
and remove the ribbon cable from its connector
at J3.
c) Disconnect connectors J1 and J2.
5. Install the replacement control panel or display
6. Reassemble the oven
When you work on the oven, be careful
when handling the sheet metal parts.
There are sharp edges present and you
can cut yourself if you are not careful.
The Oven Relay Boards are subject to failure
if static electricity is transferred to the
solid state components during handling. The
replacement boards are packaged in antistatic bags.
When removing the boards from their bags, use a
grounding strap, or touch a grounded metal surface
(appliance chassis) prior to handling the boards.
When you handle a board, handle it by the edges
of the plastic frame. DO NOT TOUCH the connector
pins or the microprocessor chip.

Relay Board & Holder
2 Bottom Screws
3 Front Screws
2 Front Screws
Front SubpanelHolders In Slots

1. Turn off the electrical power to the oven.
2. Open the upper oven door.
3. Remove the control panel and display head
from the oven (see Pages ?? and ?? for the
4. Remove the front subpanel (see Figure 16).
5. Remove the wiring from the relay board (see
Figure 17).
6. Remove the screw from the board holder, slide
the holder to the right to unhook it from the
slot in the chassis, and remove the board and
7. Install the new relay board and holder and
reconnect the wiring.
8. Reassemble the oven.
The board and holder comes as an assembly.
DO NOT remove the relay boards from
their holders.
When you work on the oven, be careful
when handling the sheet metal parts.
There are sharp edges present and you
can cut yourself if you are not careful.
Turn off the electrical power circuit to the
oven at the main junction box before servicing
this unit.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Rob, recall that I have a 3 unit wall system with a microwave then a warming drawer, and then the oven. I did get access to the control panel by removing the grill around the microwave and then removing the 2 screws holding the face plate of the control panel. I have removed the display head, but then your instructions are to install the replacement control panel display and reassemble the oven. It appears to me that I need to continue removing the sheet metal plates and install the new relay board and not reconnect the new display head at this point. Also you reference "insets and figures" in your instructions. Are you able to also send these "insets and figures"?

Thanks, Don

Here is the info



Hope this helps
I am out working in the field today so I will be in and out of the truck and away from the computer.Once you have accessed the control it should be fairly easy to see how to access the control board
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Rob, everything has been installed and the oven is again working. Thanks for the assistance. Now I need to find the "accept" button and you will have your payment.

Great Don.Happy I could help.Just click on one of the top 3 ratings depending on how well I have helped you.
I will check back with you in 3 days to make sure everything is fine
rob clement and 2 other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Rob, one suggestion - have the client take a photograph of the wiring before unplugging the boards. I did that and used it to check my replugging of the boards.

Hi Don,
Just following up to see if everything is going fine,If you need additional help just reply to me.And thanks for your business.