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have whirlpool model ED25DQ. Was dispensing water into a glass.

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have whirlpool model ED25DQ. Was dispensing water into a glass. Large wad of gunk shot out in to the glass. Looks like seaweed. We have an external water filter so not how something like this can even happen. unless the gunk is something that has been building up in the line between the external filter and the end of the dispenser where the water comes out. Not sure what needs to be done to stop more gunk from coming out. Did the gunk break loose from the filter and make its way to where the water comes out or is it possible for gunk to accumulate in the line after the filter and before where the water comes out. I think what I need to do is clean the whole line between the outside/backside of the fridge... where the filter is connected... all the way thru the fridge up to where the water comes out. Can you please offer advice on what I should do? Thanks

Hello, Thank you for using this service, I will be helping you with your problem today.

well the only place that could happen after the filter and before the dispenser is in the water reservoir behind the crisper inside the refrigerator. pull the crisper out and you will see it. the replacement is a tube now and you may already have the tube instead. it will look like this. can you take a look ?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

hi. will take a look.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I looked behind the crisper and I see sections of the thin water tube back there and it seems to be channeling water into a large sig sig plastic tubing that must help the crisper area stay cold. all the thin and think tubing is fairly transparent to a degree and I didn't observer any gunky stuff anywhere. Maybe I should clarify something too.. when I say that it seems like the gunk must be somewhere after the filter and before the dispenser... when I say before the dispenser, I really mean before the very end of the copper tube that the water comes out of. So could the gunk be building up to really really close to where the copper pipe is sticking out and where the water actually comes out into the glass? also, or could the problem really be the filter itself... in other words are filters sort of know for sometimes things/gunk getting dislodged from inside the filter and making their way thru the tubing all the way into a glass of water?

yes that could happen, when was the last time you replaced the filter ? usually the tube right where the water comes out into the glass its plastic not copper.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

ah, you're right, the exit tube is black plastic. Actually, according to the schedule we should have replaced the filter a few days ago. So I guess, if it really is possible for gunk that the filter is catching to get dislodged and flow forward thru the tubing, then is that what we should figure is the problem and just replace the filter? (it's just hard to imagine that such a large piece of gunk could escape from a filter which is designed to hold onto micro particles....) Is there generally then no other suspect area where gunk might collect and suddenly dislodge and flow out into a glass of water?

yes sometimes when it gets to the end they can spit out crap. I would replace it ASAP and that should take care of it. the only other area that this could happen in is the chiller and that would only happen if the stuff actually started growing (algae type) and then popped loose from the chiller. unless it was actually up in the dispenser itself which seems more likely because it warmer there ? I would change the filter and flush it out good. I cant think of anything else. thanks , Bryan
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