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appliancesupertech, Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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KitchenAid Dishwasher not cleaning well - already replaced

Customer Question

KitchenAid Dishwasher not cleaning well - already replaced electronic control and complete pump assy.
inlet water pressure 35 psi.
Any help, especially a pointer to a service manual would be great!

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  appliancesupertech replied 5 years ago.

appliancesupertech : specialize in ranges, dishwashers, microwaves, compactors, disposers and range hoods. How much soap are you using and what brand ?
appliancesupertech : Also how long ago did you replace motor pump asm?
JACUSTOMER-ewm2tddg- :

don't recall the brand of soap, but it's the pellet type. At the end of the cycle, it is still

JACUSTOMER-ewm2tddg- :

mostly a lump stuck to the (open) detergent door. The dishes

JACUSTOMER-ewm2tddg- :

are still quite dirty, and while 'moist', there is no evidence they were well showered.

JACUSTOMER-ewm2tddg- :

replace both components last week. There was no change before vs after for either.

appliancesupertech : Is the water filling right below heater?
JACUSTOMER-ewm2tddg- :

not clear - is there a spec as to how close to the bottom of the heater is adequate? I will have to check and get back. my memory it is within 3/8", but i'd have to check.

JACUSTOMER-ewm2tddg- :

This is a fairly new unit (2 years) but only had maybe 30 cycles usage. Was fine when new and seemingly suddenly went bad rather than gradually.

appliancesupertech : It gets close to heater. The best way to tell proper water level is the way it sounds when washing, is it running smooth or surging sound?
JACUSTOMER-ewm2tddg- :

You might call it surging. But you might call it swishing. It doesn't sound like a pump is running dry, but it does pause

JACUSTOMER-ewm2tddg- :

entirely quite often - but i thought that is normal (?)

appliancesupertech : On this model when its not cleaning good, first thing I check for I'd a clogged pump, but you replaced motor pump. Next is fill level and suds in water.
JACUSTOMER-ewm2tddg- :

I need to revise an answer above. Apparently it does at times 'make noise like it's trying', but no spray.

appliancesupertech : The pause is normal. Let it fill and wash for 5 minutes and open door, check for suds and water level.
JACUSTOMER-ewm2tddg- :

need a spec for the water level.

JACUSTOMER-ewm2tddg- :

I'll need to check offsite and get back. This is my first time with JA. Can i just close this chat window

JACUSTOMER-ewm2tddg- :

and log in another day to pick up where left off?

appliancesupertech : It may be in tech sheet in bottom kick panel. I always go by sound and sight, right below heater.
appliancesupertech : Yes you can.
JACUSTOMER-ewm2tddg- :

Turns out the problem is that is starts with a proper water level, but then it siphons out

JACUSTOMER-ewm2tddg- :

as it runs. I'll be checking the internal loop and maybe adding an external one if need be.

JACUSTOMER-ewm2tddg- :

You didn't answer the question correctly, so I'm not inclined to pay the $15. But you were certainly trying to be helpful and I don't want to hurt your reputation score either. How should I proceed? - thanks, tom

appliancesupertech : Thanks. This has timed out, so you don't have to rate my answers. Your dishwasher must drain though floor .
appliancesupertech : It's very rare to have that problem , glad you found it.