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My bosch shu9916uc/uc11 dishwasher will not end the cycle,

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My bosch shu9916uc/uc11 dishwasher will not end the cycle, even when I press the buttons to reset the cycle. The pump works and drains the dishwasher. When I perform the "troubleshoot" procedure by holding down the "power scrub" and "regular wash" buttons while pressing the "on/off" switch, the "power scrub" light illuminates. What is my next step in troubleshooting...thanks!
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

Unfortunately this is a very common issue and it means that your control board inside the door has failed. There is a relay on the board that shorts out. This relay sends power to the heater, so when it fails the dishwasher doesn't wash well and it will run forever trying to heat the water which will never happen. Below is a link to the control board in the upper right hand corner of the door you'll need to replace in order to fix the problem. The part costs about $136 + shipping.

CLICK HERE for part

To access the control board, just open the door and remove all the screws around the border of the door except the 2 down by the bottom of the door hinge, just loosen those two. Once you have those out, remove the 2 coming in from the sides of the control panel (left and right). The control panel will then pull off and you can access the control board inside. Remove the control panel and there are 3 tabs on the bottom of the control board you need to depress. Push on the tabs and remove the control board, then switch over connections one at a time and you should be good to go again.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Installed replacement part last night, test run was successful!


One comment for you regarding replacement:

- With my dishwasher model, there are two metal tabs on the front of the control panel housing and two plastic tabs to the side of the control board on the dishwasher side of the housing

- The metal tabs must first be bent out

- Then, opening the plastic tabs on the side of the casing allows the control board to slide out


I also removed all screws on the door. Not sure if that was necessary, but I did.


Otherwise, your directions and troubleshooting were perfect.

Thank you very much!!

awesome, well I'm glad you got everything working again and apologize if there was any confusion. If you need anything else, please just let me know.