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Maytag Bravo Quiet Series 300 top loading washer- displaying

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Maytag Bravo Quiet Series 300 top loading washer- displaying uL. this used to only happen with large, bulky, heavy items such as comforter, etc and would return to normal if wt was re-distributed etc. However now it is occurring on every load I run, even small light loads. I think the sensors are wrong. any ideas how this can be fixed without sending the maytag man over ;)

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can you get us the model number from inside the door ?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Model # XXXXX

as you know the UL error is an unbalanced load error, the problem is the RPS rotor positioning sensor. you need to order and replace this. heres a link where you can order it. its part # XXXXX on this diagram.this will take care of the issue.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
That is what I figured. Is there a good online link that will help us with directions on replacing this part?

yes heres a video on how to replace the stator assembly (the RPS sensor is shown in the video also) thats as close as I can get for a video, It does show you how to get to and remove the sensor. hope this helps, thanks Bryan

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Replaced sensor, still saying uL, any other ideas for me?
Unplug the power cord

 Lift the top of the washer up, to do this there are 2 latches in the seams between the top and
the front panel. These latches are about 6 inches from the right side and left side of the washer. You need to insert a putty knife to push the clips in and lift the top

 The top will fold back so you can get to the inner tub.

Remove the plastic top of the tub.

 Remove the cap covering the very center of the agitator. It is just snapped in place and can be pried off with a small screwdriver.

Remove the center screw under the cap.

 Remove the agitator
Remove the 6 Phillips screws in the middle holding the plastic top gear in place. Be very careful you don't drop one of the screws because it can fall through the slots in the basket and be lost below the agitator.

 Remove the plastic top gear.

\ Pull the plastic lower gear off of the splined shaft. It should pull right off.

 Now you need to pull the basket up and off of the shaft. This is where you might have problems because the basket might be corroded to the shaft. If you can grab the basket on both sides and pull up.

 Once the basket is off you will notice there is liquid inside of it. That is factory sealed in there so do not worry about it.

 With the basket is off you will be able to see that the shaft is probably corroded and the inside bearing on the basket is corroded. Clean these both off very good and check to see if the basket can easily go back on the shaft and slide up and down without getting stuck.

 Reassemble in the reverse order and your done. Check to make sure the basket can easily float . this is a pain I know but the basket needs to float easily so this doesn't go out of balance. usually its what I said it was but in some cases this can be the issue,.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks, again...any video that webcam watch really helps!
unfortunately I don't see any videos available for that tear down. sorry I wish I could find one.