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Maytag Bravo top load washer is getting an LF code. Hot and

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Maytag Bravo top load washer is getting an LF code. Hot and cold water comes in on the intial brief fill, then when it goes to the spray cycle now the machine try to fill, no water comes out, and the LF code comes on. I cleaned out the inlet screens (they didn't need it). Is there anything I can do next that does not require a repair main. The manual does not have any steps beside cleant the inlet screens.

Hello The LF error code is a indication of a long Fill error..Which means the computer senses a problem with the amount of water that is filling into the washer...When you do see the water filling..Is it a good steady flow ..?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The intial few second fill of water from the right side is a good flow when I attempt a hot/cold cycle or cold/cold cycle. After this initial brief flow, the washer attempts to fill from the nossle in the center back of the mashine. No water is comming out on this cycle. The machine hums for a while and then the LF code comes on.

Ok great..Yes this means the inlet valve is faulty..The inlet valve is the part in which the water lines are connected to..What happens is the computer senses the error..Then shuts down all power to the valve Etc.This is why the water completely stops flowing..Thanks Bob
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

This is something that sounds like I might make things worse if I try to do it myself.


When I call the repair service that I normally use, I will tell them that I think it is an inlet valve base on the information you provided. Are they likely to have that part on their truck or will they come, diagnose the problem and have to come back with that part? I do not know if they order a part and it turns out not to be needed whether the can return it.

Yes The part is a very common part on any washer..What we do before dispatching to a job..Is take down the model number..Then make sure we have all the parts on the truck..This way it saves time for us and cuts the job down to one trip..You can also ask them if they charge for a second trip..In which they should not unless it was a special order part..Good luck on your repair Also please remember to rate my answer to you at 3 smiley's or higher so that i may be credited through the system for helping you today..Thank You Bob
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