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I have a thermidor saphire dishwasher (2009?). It doesnt

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I have a thermidor saphire dishwasher (2009?). It doesn't clean well, especially top rack sides. Glasses are left with debris dried on the inside and out. I've filled the salt container, I always clean the filter, I have cleaned out the spray arms which seem to spray and turn appropriately, and I use Quantum dishwasher tablets. Any other ides? A technician looked it over last year and said it was fine, and recommended the Quantum tabs.

Hello, Thank you for using this service, I will be helping you with your problem today

can you start the dish washer and let it fill then open the door and tell me how much water is in the bottom in inches ? also if you can find the model number that would help.thanks, Bryan

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks Bryan.

I'm at work right now--I'll get back to you with this information as soon as I can.

Okay thanks, XXXXX XXXXX great day. talk later, Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


The model number is XXXXX 50 GPR/22


After 5 minutes of starting, there is 1 inch of rather cold water in the bottom

Okay, first off. The reason it's not cleaning correctly is because there's not enough water and it's cold although that probably has something to do with it seems you're not getting a water through your inlet valve. This happens when the valve. It's clogged inside and not enough water can run through in the allotted time set by the timer for the fill cycle, in other words it's like closing off they hose so it's just dribbling in, the timer only allows so much time for this to fill and then goes on to the wash cycle. What you have to check is make sure your water is turned on fully under the sink and if it is you need to replace your fill valve. When you don't get it off water it doesn't circulate with enough pressure and also the water doesn't heat, this machine is very complicated and hard work on, you may want to call somebody in to change the valve for you. But basically that is the issue, I hope this helps, thanks, Bryan
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