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We have a Kitchen Aide refrigerator. Superba. Manufactured

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We have a Kitchen Aide refrigerator. Superba. Manufactured 12/2001 with Aqua Sense Water Filtration system. Model# XXXXX Serial# XXXXX

We have changed the water filter cartridges about every 6-12 months with OEM cartridges. Last change was longer than 12 months and by then the water flow was intermittent. I put a new cartridge in, reset the light in the frig section (from then red, to now green) and started flushing out the new cartridge - now have no flow.

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Good evening, okay so this started to flush out and then the flow stopped ?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yes, Though even before we changed the cartridge/filter the flow was working about 95% of the time. Once I put a new cartridge in, the flow worked on and off for a day or two, then stopped entirely. As soon as I change out a cartridge, I flush out the carbon from the new filter (as per instructions), but only got about 1/2 gallon out before it stopped.

okay well this could be a couple of things. one the chiller behind the crisper drawer may have frozen. when you change the cartridge/filter sometimes air gets in the line and the water can freeze. take a hair dryer and warm up the chiller tube. trying the water about every 3-5 minutes. see if it starts to flow. if not the issue could be the water inlet valve in the back of the refrigerator. try defrosting the line first and let me know.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Okay, I will get out a hair dryer and see what happens. I had thought of that, but had not tried it (yet). Will get back to you soon.


okay I'll be here. Smile
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Well, got the water line nice and warm! Still no sign of flow. We keep our frig a medium temp (fyi) and never have things freezing in the frig section. Anyway, no signs of flow at all. Our tubing is not clear/clean because of the carbon that is waiting to be flushed out, yet I also see no air bubbles there.


Maybe it is the water valve shown in the other photo?? I saw that at the back when I had pulled off the cardboard type material. Did double check to be sure the electrical contacts were firm (they are). Only baffled as to how flow gets to the ice maker, but not to the water dispenser at the door.


Should mention, about the exact same time, the motor running the ice dispenser also stopped working. But it is a minor concern, easy to open the door to get ice. Still we like using the filtered water....


okay. it could be the valve then. one other thing you need to check first though. at the bottom of the door (freezer) there is a plastic hose that goes up through the hinge to the dispenser, there should be a coupling there you can undo and put in a glass then push for water. see if it comes out there so we can eliminate a frozen door line. you'll be surprised how much we find that. if that doesn't get water you can order the valve @ its a dual valve so thats why you still get water to the ice maker. and before ordering that take a voltage check at the valve. use a volt meter and check for 120 volts getting to the valve when you press for water. it should vibrate also.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Okay, the line uncoupled at the base of the freezer door resulted in about a tablespooons worth of water coming out. Then squeezing and playing with the coil of tubing in the fridge, I could see the water moving in the open tube and got a few more drops out, but no more than that.

Will now check the back of the fridge. Not sure I have the right type of volt meter, but maybe. Should it vibrate even if it is not working/broken?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.


An update - no success yet.....

1. the plastic hose at the front - uncoupled, it did drip out some water; a few tablespoons. Also when you shake the tubing inside the frig, you can see water moving at the open end of the tube when uncoupled.

2. My voltage meter is pretty much worthless. Got no consistent readings.

3. Ordered the part - the valve you sent me the link for. Just in the past hour am done installing it. No difficulties. Yes, it does vibrate when the ice maker demands more water - BUT, no flow still to the door water dispenser. Took out the new filter cartridge, re-installed it - still no flow.

4. Now I wonder could it be this part that is the problem??

The Micro Switch, part # 324439 which is behind the water dispenser in the door panel. Link:


So - do I get a volt meter first to test the new part? or order the Micro Switch?



if it vibrates then the switch is good. thats what sends the power to the valve so it has to be working , Did you say you installed a new valve ? it has to be a blockage in the line somewhere then. thats a real strange issue. you warmed up the line , checked the door line by disconnecting it. changed the valve. you really need to get a meter that works and make sure your getting the correct voltage. can you borrow one ?