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My Fisher Paykel Aerosmart Model DE62T27D keeps tripping the

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My Fisher Paykel Aerosmart Model DE62T27D keeps tripping the reset switch. The repair technician said that the vent (15 feet long) is the problem. I started venting directly into the laundry room, only 3 feet of flex hose. The dryer worked fine for a while and now is tripping the safety switch again. Afraid to call the same technician to hear again that the vent is the cause - the vent is fine. Please help.

SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Hello, I can help you with this. There are several reasons why the high temp limit (reset) can trip. One is a long or clogged hose which has been remedied. Also the tech should check the lint screen and scraper (behind the lint bucket via some screws) for tears. Also the blower wheel must be checked for debris and free movement. Finally if all this checks out F&P has made a high temp upgrade kit, this is a new higher temp cut out and new thermostats that cycle the heat a little lower. I suggest you get another more familiar with F&P tech out have him check the above and upgrade the limiters if everything else checks ok. Let me know if I can further assist you. Thanks, Sam


Can you send me more info on the high temp upgrade kit, like a part number, availability, etc. Everything else is fine, the lint screen housing has been removed and cleaned, the blower movement is fine, blower spins freely. Thanks, Eli

SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Looks like the newest tech bullitin says you only need the upper thermostat, not the whole kit with all thermostats. The part below is the needed thermostat.
• Upper auto reset thermostat, part number (395668). The part is available HERE
Thanks, Sam


Hi Sam, can you send me a copy of the latest technical bulletin, the thermostat tripped again and I need to do something before my wife kicks me out of the house.


SubZero_Wolf Expert :

Eli, I'm sorry but for legal reasons I am not able to send you a copy of the tech bulletin, Fisher and Paykels doing, not mine. Did you order the upgraded thermostat from a local vendor or the link above? That part will compleatly prevent this from happening any more. Any other work-around that I could recommend wouldn't be safe, so unfortunately you will need to replace the thermostat listed above. It should be cheap and easy to do.


Thanks Sam, I will order the thermostat and change it. Thanks again.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sam, the problem came back, changing the thermostat didn't help. I am still venting directly into the room and the switch keeps tripping. Need help.




Sorry to hear that, the older bulletins referenced also changing the high limit itself (395155) as well as the low temp cycle thermostat (395455 other tstat on heater box) but the new one said that was no longer needed, they are the only other parts that regulate the heat. The only other thing that it could possibly be is if the heater coils (395583) are sagging and arcing against the heater box but this is very rare. Included are the part numbers. I would order both tstats and replace first and it should be fixed. Let me know if you need anything else at all.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX them and try again. Cheers.

Replaced the other two thermostats. So far so good.