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I have a Kenmore Frostless 25 side by side refrig, model(NNN) NNN-NNNN We found it yester

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I have a Kenmore Frostless 25 side by side refrig, model(NNN) NNN-NNNN We found it yesterday with motor roaring. Found the freezer side at about 55 degrees and dripping while the refrig side was cold. Dont know if cold enough. I turned the temp control up and down several several times. No change. Left it up higher and began to unload freezer side and then refrig. Motor stopped roaring sometime while we unloaded. Checked it later and freezer was down to -5below. Refrig cold.
What happened????? Seems ok today. Is something broke??

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Good morning. Did you notice any frost on the back panel inside the freezer behind the food when this was happening ? Is there a chance the door was left open for an extended period that you know of?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The back panel was wet and dripping. My wife says she heard it when we came back into the house but is sure the door was closed.

okay, This appears to be working now though correct ? Is the fan in the freezer running ? was the roaring motor noise comming from inside the freezer ?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yes all appears to be working now. I cant tell about the fan however the freezer has been holding steady at about 0 since about midnight last night. I have temp setting on 5. Usually on three. The noise? The refrig sits in a corner. The noise was loud. The noise could have been from the back or inside In the panic moment its hard to remember.


FYI- the freezer was pretty full. The lower coils did have a lot of lint on them. They were not hot. I vacumned them off after we emptied most of the unit.


Trying to get back into this chat with you I may have been charged a second time. Can you check and be sure there was only one charge?

I think the issue could have been caused by the dust underneath and possibly the fan either hitting the dust and buildup around it, its really hard to say if you don't know where the noise was originating to be honest. i would let it run and if the noise comes back of this starts to not work correctly again let me know. (also try to determine where the noise comes from if it happens again) as far as being charged twice you shouldn't be, if you find out you were let me know and I will look into it for you, i don't even get paid unless you pick 3 or above on the smiley faces at the bottom. thanks and come back if you have further questions. Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Just a few more comments: If the door was not shut it would have been open just a crack and could have been that way 12 to 20 hours. We were out of the house the last 12. When the ice cube container "box" is removed and put back in it can sometimes not seat where it goes and the door does not close completely. This has happened before but you usually know it right away. The food in the upper part of freezer was warmer, still cold but starting to thaw, the food at the bottom much colder The ice was thawing and starting to be wet.. The back wall was sweaty and dripping. When we looked the inside temp was 55 degrees. I think that was after we emptied it, door being open for a while, not sure. A few minutes after I raised and lowered the temp control I noticed the motor or compressor ? noise had stopped. I could feel a vibration in the outside of the refrig walls and could tell something was running but no loud noise. I checked the temp again after a couple hours and it had dropped to - 5 degrees. Could all of this just have been a fluke? I was lucky we came home when we did and that we had an old refrig and chest freezer for back up. What do you think?



yes this may have been the cause. if you leave the door open even a little it can make the compressor really overwork and be loud. you are probably fine if thats the case. the temps seem good now and its not loud so I would just wait and see how it runs. hope this helps, thanks Bryan
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