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I have a Fisher & Paykel DD24 fridge in our home office. We

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I have a Fisher & Paykel DD24 fridge in our home office. We recently had its electronic control panel replaced after the power shorted out. The technician said that was caused by a surge in power, as the city had been doing some electrical work under the street outside our city home. Yet shortly thereafter, the motor became very loud and rattles. What gives? The unit is just over 2 years old.

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is the noise comming from inside the refrigerator or from the compressor in back ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry, I'm afraid I gave the model information for the dish drawer below the fridge! The fridge model is a Subzero UC-24CI.

The noise is coming from the vent area directly beneath the freezer - a loud hum every 15 seconds. As I mentioned, we had the fridge serviced end of June, after the unit wasn't powering on. It is cold now, but the motor sounds labored.

mmm, okay, can you go behind and see if the compressor is making the noise ? the compressor is the round black ball in the back. the power outage (or spike) may have damaged the starter windings in the compressor.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It is impossible for me to look behind the unit as it wedged quite tightly into cabinetry. (Last time it was serviced, I had to have someone first come remove the unit from the wall before the mechanic could do his repair.) I can tell you something else:

When I open the unit, the noise temporarily stops. However, when I push in the little button at the bottom that turns the light off, the noise starts. Let go, the noise stops; depress the button and the noise immediately starts up again.

okay. its the fan inside thats bad. you need to call the person that serviced this and ask them to come back and check the evaporator fan. it needs to be replaced, good job, thanks, Bryan
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