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We have an outdoor kitchen with a Jenn-Air range. Last night

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We have an outdoor kitchen with a Jenn-Air range. Last night the electric ignitors started to click and flash on their own as they do when one is turning on the stove. Three of the four ignitors were affected. The only to make the problem stop was to disconnect the power source. What is wrong with the unit and what is the fix.
Welcome..I have 23 years of Experience In the Appliance Repair Field..Working directly with All Major Appliance Brands...Sorry to hear of this problem..Normally when this happens..It is due to moisture..Cleaning solvent..Water Etc..Getting down into the igniter switches under the burner knobs..The fix is to unplug the unit over night and let the switches dry out..From what you are explaining ,sounds like the switches are getting wet due to being outside..If you can locate a model number i can show you a diagram on the switches them selves and where they are located.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sounds reasonable, we will try it. I would appreciate the diagram. The model number is XXXXX to see because of its location, but the best I can get is: 0GD8130ADS. Of course, we will not know the outcome until the unit dires out.

Ok great..unfortunately that is not a good model number..Most units are pretty much the same...The igniter switches are located just behind the knobs to each burner..There are wired in series..Once one grounds out..They all will ground out..Best thing to do is leave it unplugged until it drys out..most of the time that is all you need to do..You can also use a hairdryer to help the drying time..Thanks Bob
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We have left the unit unplugged and have tried to dry the area behind the knobs, but no success yet. Is there a better way to get access to the area that needs to be dried?

At this point we would need the correct model number..Thanks Bob
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Range has been drying 3 days--still no success. I rechecked model #, it is correct as I listed previously. Our unit is a range top with the knobs mounted horizontal on
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I rechecked, the last model number I gave you is correct. Our range is a cook top with the knobs mounted horizotally on the top of the surface. It has been drying for three days with no positive results. Probably will need the diagram to clean the ignitor knobs from the inside.

Unfortunately the model number does not come up in the system database..Normally the problem will be fixed after only 1 day of being unplugged and not moisture..What you have is a faulty igniter switch..Without the correct model number You are going to have to remove the cooktop on your own to access the igniter switches..If you notice once you pull the knobs off..The switches will be located just under the glass of the cooktop..In order to access you will need to figure out how to remove the cooktop or access the bottom of the gas valves/igniter switches..Then have the switches tested.
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