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I have a Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator with an icemaker.....Model

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I have a Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator with an icemaker.....Model #106.70834100. The icemaker is not receiving water. I've checked all lines and they are not blocked. Where the water line connects to the base of the refrigerator, it appears to go thru some mechanism......pump?....and then the water is sent up to the icemaker. What could be causing the icemaker not to receive the water?

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Good morning. the ice maker is actually cycling is that correct ? (fingers turning) the part you are speaking about in the back is the electronic fill valve. when the ice maker cycles do you hear a buzz at all comming from that valve ?

Customer: replied 5 years ago. cycling or water in the icemaker

what position are the fingers in the ice maker right now? say like 1 o'clock 2 o'clock and so on.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

one o'clock

alright it sounds like they are in the right position. the valve is the issue then. you need to replace it. you can order this on line @ if you want to do a test by triking the ice maker into a cycle i can tell you how to do that to make sure the ice maker is you have a piece of wire about 4" long you can strip back on both ends about 3/4 " ?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

no wire here to do the test. What is involved in replacing the valve?

okay the valve is very easy to replace. remove the back panel at the bottom of the refrigerator in the back where the line connects. shut the water off under the sink. then remove the line from the house at the valve. the plastic line that goes to the ice maker is connected with a quick connect. the off whit ring thats around the plastic line you just push that ring towards the valve and pull the hose out. then remove the screw holding the valve to the frame and unplug the harness. do the same in reverse to install. not very difficult. hope this helps, thanks , Bryan
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

sounds easy enough.....would a deective valve prevent the fingers of the icemaker from moving?


no it wouldn't but we don't know for sure if this does cycle unless we do a test. if the ice maker hasn't moved or turned in a few days and your sure of that then the ice maker is the issue. heres a link to order that and it comes with instructions,. link ----
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

how would I do the test? I'll go get some wire in a bit


pull the front white cover off the ice maker and you will see this. at about the 5 o'clock position you can see the holes marked T&H stick the wire in those holes and this will start the cycle. don't touch any of the bare wires while doing this you could get shocked. once the ice maker start to cycle after 5 seconds pull the wire out it will finish its cycle and put water in if the valve is good.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

do I just strip one end of the wire, or do I need to strip bnoth ends and connect it somewhere?

both end back about 3/4 of an inch. stick one in the T and one in the H and this bypasses the thermostat and jumps it into cycle. if it cycles and no water goes in then the valve is bad. if it doesn't start then the ice maker failed.
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