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turned broil on. I was in the other room when i saw a flash

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turned broil on. I was in the other room when i saw a flash and heard something pop. my fisher oven was out and the fuse popped. i smelled an electric burn smell but only briefly. turned the fuse back on and now the clock on the oven will not work. ranges appears to work. what should i do?
If your cook top still works, but you have no clock, and were in a broil mode when you saw the flash.... Look closely at your broil element to see if there are any irregular shapes, bulges, bumps, or otherwise unusual coloring on it. It may have opened. This can cause high current draw through the board and wipe it out. Let me know what, if anything, you find on the broil element.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

it looks fine - no bulges or obvious discoloring. i haven't tried the oven again.

I don't have your model number to look at this, but isn't the oven controlled through the clock, OR do you have a dial rotary switch on this unit. Also, do you own a multi-meter to check things like continuity? Can you provide your model and serial number?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

it's controlled through the clock - so oven isn't working at all. just checked. ok - i can find a multi meter-


make frigidaire (i said fisher earlier - WRONG! sorry about that)


Model classic series - can't find anyything elese


serial number XXXXXXXXX (provided this is the right number - it's printed on behind on the very top.)

Ok, most Frigidaire have the model and serial tag on the frame above the front leveling foot. Pull the drawer out, it should be there.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

model fef366ccb


serial vf33723850


i found my meter

Awesome. Pull the unit out, unplug it. There will be a small panel covering where the cord attaches to the oven. Remove this panel. Look for any burning on those wires. If you found none, remove the rear panels of the oven. Pull the wires off the broil element and set your meter to read ohms. Set it on a low scale, under 200 ohms if possible. With the wires removed from the broil element, test across the terminals of the element itself. What resistance are you reading?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok I pulled the back panel off and there is some burning around the what i think is the oven lamp but the lamp hasn't worked for years. there is also burning on one wire that goes to the broil element around the insulation. the other end of this wire plugs into the board with the words "broil". meter is bouncing around 19

Ok, 19 ohms is about right. I'm just ensuring your broil element is good. Either way, you'll need to replace your board. It's fried at this point probably. Did you see where the arc came from? If the burning is bad, you might need to replace the wiring harness, but this usually isn't necessary. You might want to trim the wire and replace the 1/4 inch terminal though. The arc may have come from the board. A relay could have fried etc... I'd look around for any chewed wires as well. Make sure a mouse didn't get into the panel anywhere (this is common). If you find nothing else, replace the board, this should take care of you.
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