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I have an error code 154 on bosh duel fuel range model HD17282u/08

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I have an error code 154 on bosh duel fuel range model HD17282u/08 what is it?


I tried researching this, but I'm unable to get your model number to come up as valid. Did you take this directly off the appliance? If so, please double check to ensure all numbers are exact. Thanks.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

model number is hd17282u/08

Ok, that's the same one you listed the first time. I can't help you because I can't get that to pull up to research technical data. I'll opt out so maybe another expert can find that model number somewhere in their info.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Relist: Other.
could not answer the question expert could not find model I photographed the model number directly off the appliance have it photographed. could it be HDI 7282U/08...after HD it is an i not a 1?
Yes, that's it. Thanks for the updated information, that does come up. It is an "I" not a 1. Let me research this. I may actually need to call into Bosch on this one. It may not be until tomorrow until I can give you an answer. Is this ok?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

no it was afraid of danger since it is/ was in cleaning mode. I came here because i could not reach Bosch on holiday. I can do that tomorrow myself and hope that my house does not burn down.That is why i came here. I want to opt out and NOT pay can I do that? I aready have the bosch number off the same ID plate on the range

Customer service number you'll be calling and the number I'd be calling are different. I doubt you'll get the info you need. Customer service will not typically go over their error codes with a customer. They'll probably want to send a servicer out to your home. If you're concerned about your safety, remove the power from the range by unplugging it or killing the circuit breaker. If this is still not ok, I'll opt out and see if another expert has an immediate answer for you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I guess i am stuck since it looks like I will have to pay. The" If satisfied" statement does not mean what it thought. RIght? I am not angry at you, Justin, Just would never have used the service until i struck out with MFR myself, but was worried and needed a peace of mind answer today. SO what do i have to do?

This is Eastern time and getting late.

I'll tell you what Bill. You make your call tomorrow. Bosch is usually pretty quiet about giving a consumer an error code, but try anyway. If you still need help and they haven't answered your issue, come back to this question. If they did help you, no you don't have to pay. If I can help you out of this jam otherwise, then I will do my best. The number I need to call is technical assistance and is not provided to the general public. You must be an authorized servicer to use it. I'm sorry to say your tech sheet isn't available currently online. Without it, I cannot begin to give you this info. I can guess though that you may have had an overheat. Most error codes popping up in clean suggest this.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks so much Justin. I will do that. I will contact you again if i cannot get help from Bosch.

How do i reach you tomorrow? RIght here on this reply?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I knew it was not on line , I tried that too 8=)

Ok Bill. I know you're frustrated and concerned, but I really do try to help my customers out here. If you don't get Bosch to assist you, I'll do my part to help. If you do, I'll look into getting you a refund because I know you're looking for quick help. Sometimes it's just not that easy though. Bosch online technical data doesn't have it either. So, that's why we're stuck :)
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks Justin


"til way or the other

Yes, don't reply until tomorrow once you've talked to Bosch. Otherwise the site keeps urging me to reply to you lol.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Justin, you were right, they would not give me the "secret" codes. See what you can find

Hi Bill,

Sorry for the hold up. I had seven service calls to run today. I got ahold of technical assistance. Basically that code suggests the power board got too hot. One piece of advice is that you want to ensure the unit is not sitting directly on the floor (in other words, ensure the leveling legs are attached) and that the air can flow. The other thing is that you want to have a little gap between the back wall and the back of the product for air flow. At this point, the 154 code is an unrecoverable condition. Bosch technical assistance said it is mandatory that the power control board is replaced PLUS the display. Since this happened in CLEAN, you really want to ensure that there is sufficient air flow. The air needs to be drawn in from the bottom and the front of the unit must not be blocked by any restrictions like trim pieces etc... I don't know your particular situation there regarding installation, but if all that checks ok, the only recourse is the power board and display. BOTH need replaced per tech-line.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Stove seems to now be operating correctly. DO you think i can wait and see if board is fried or shut down as overheat condition. It seems fine I think I will wait and see. BTW, just a friendly question,where are you?

Good, I was under the assumption that your condition was unrecoverable. If it is operating correctly, then yes it was overheated. As I indicated, ensure you have proper air flow clearance. This is exceptionally important during a self clean. As long as you have operation back, the board must have cooled down and recovered. If it does happen again, the recourse will be to replace that board. The overheat circuit may be too sensitive. I live on the east coast. I can't really provide specifics as it's against site policy to divulge personal information :) Glad to hear you're up and running. If it fails, just come back to this question ok. Thanks Bill. Now you know what that code is.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

You have been great. If I have problem in future, can i request you? I thought you could not tell me who/ where you are. Best wishes in your business.


Yes you can request me. They don't want us asking customers for personal info and we aren't supposed to give it either. I'm in PA but that's about all I can say. Have a great night Bill :)
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